SwifDoo PDF: An AI-Powered PDF Creator and Editor

SwifDoo PDF software is a complete suite for creating, viewing, editing and converting PDF files. The program’s interface is similar to that known from Microsoft Office, which makes working with the program very intuitive. The application has a very wide functionality, from editing files to converting them to various formats. It allows you to convert PDF to Microsoft Word or rich text format. During conversion, it retains the structure, colors and fonts of the original document.

An important element of the program is the ability to edit PDF documents. It is possible to change the content of the document or add new elements. The program also allows you to create PDF documents. The files you create can be password-encrypted. The application has a PDF merging function as well.


  • OCR function
  • Clear interface
  • Full editing options
  • Multiple conversion output formats


Not for Mac users

If you want to create PDF presentations in an attractive, media-rich form in just a few clicks, use SwifDoo PDF. Below are some tips that will make this task easier for you.

PDF editing

Its user-friendly drag-and-drop PDF editor is optimized for fast and smooth text and graphics editing. You’ll love how easy it is to make changes to PDF files.

In the editing area, you can freely change the order of blocks and delete unnecessary ones. You can change its style, background color and add or remove margins. You can also save each block. If you have already built the structure of your template, proceed to editing individual blocks.

With its powerful PDF editing capabilities, you can modify text and graphics, adjust font settings, and add new elements such as videos, photos, and other materials.

PDF Converter

SwifDoo PDF is also a program for converting PDF files. It allows conversion not only to EPUB, but also to HTML, Office documents, image, or doc.

There are dozens of free online converters on the Internet. SwifDoo PDF PDF Online Converter is also on the list if you were looking for the best ones. Indeed, this converter may offer one of the best converter features. 

The conversion process using its online PDF converter to convert an Excel to a PDF consists of just three simple steps: drag or drop files, convert, and then download the converted file. Moreover, apart from the conversion capability, it provides high conversion speed not only during conversion but also during document formatting transfers.

Graphic blocks

To insert a photo in a graphic block, click in the “Edit” option and you will find the “Add Image” option. A panel with graphics options will appear. Click the “Open” button and import the photo.

You can freely scale its size in the graphics area. To add a link, click the “Link” icon.

At the edge of each image block you will find a pen-shaped icon. Click on it to enter the settings of a given block.

You can also add additional graphics or text fields to the photo. On the left, in the “Add Image” tab, you will find a set of suggestions – choose one of them or add your own, e.g. your company’s logo.

Advanced OCR technology

The OCR technique analyzes the text and turns the letters into editable text. The character recognition is highly accurate while maintaining a fast conversion process.

If OCR is the lion’s share of your duties and precision is a must, SwifDoo PDF will be a good tool. The software comes with many editing options that help you fix any errors in your PDF files.

AI tool

The newly-added SwifDoo PDF AI is specializing in searching and analyzing PDF documents. Designed to make the program easy to find specific information in large PDF files.


  • Advanced search functions – allow you to precisely locate the information you are looking for;
  • User-friendly entry – facilitates quick and effective work with documents;
  • Ability to process large files – effectively handles large documents.

Create with templates

Our exercises are created using a template provided on its official website.

Templates include wishes exercises such as Christmas and Birthday. To create a new exercise, start by selecting a template, then add items. It’s simple and allows you to create a fully interactive exercise in just a few minutes.

The premium versions

SwifDoo PDF is a more advanced option, where the program is used based on both subscription and perpetual license. Additionally, the application is available for personal and business users – in the latter, however, it distinguishes between different institutions.

SwifDoo PDF Pro may not be the best choice for people who don’t really need a lot of advanced features. In addition, if there is a need to protect or sign scanned documents, SwifDoo PDF has all the necessary functions implemented. You can get a perpetual license, which is a complete solution equipped with the necessary tools for handling PDF files. Moreover, there is also subscription options.

In conclusion

SwifDoo PDF is a tool with enormous possibilities. Editing PDF files directly in the program is simple and intuitive. At the same time, it offers a multitude of solutions for more advanced users.

The OCR function can also be extremely useful. People who often work with scanned files will appreciate its capabilities.
You can’t fault the interface too much either. It was based on popular ribbons with tools, which were divided into appropriate categories. A similar solution can be found in the Office suite. Visually, the SwifDoo PDF interface also refers to Microsoft software. Overall, SwifDoo PDF is a PDF editor program worth recommending, especially considering the price, which is much lower than its rivals.

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