Here’s How to Boost Your Internet Speeds

People have zero tolerance for poor internet speeds, so they always want to subscribe to the best internet service provider. Almost all tasks today require a steady internet connection, such as Zoom meetings, video streaming, online games, school, and other online surfing activities. Even the little inconveniences with the internet make people wonder what’s wrong.

Well, there can be multiple reasons your internet is lousy, and we’re here to help you figure them out. We will also tell you how to fix such issues in no time and get your internet working again to its fullest. First, you should subscribe to the best internet service provider with a good reputation among customers for providing top-notch internet speeds.

There are various internet companies in the US, but not all can be trusted. We will mention below what internet service provider to choose as it has excellent customer reviews. However, let us walk you through the simple steps to improve your internet speeds within no time. 

Test Your Internet Speeds First

Before you get started, we suggest you test your current speeds first. It is not a part of the steps, but it will help you later. Once you try your internet speeds, it will help you provide a baseline to compare your rates after every effort to see if it’s working.

You can perform an internet speed test from various websites; we suggest After you are done, test your internet speed, screenshot the result, and get started.

How to Improve Internet Speed

Follow the steps mentioned below to increase your internet speeds instantly.

Place Your Router at a Better Location

The signals leaving your router can only travel so far without being interrupted by the walls and other objects before reaching the source. Moreover, other radio waves from different devices can also disrupt such signals, such as cordless phones, Bluetooth speakers, and microwaves.

This is why placing your router far away from your room may cause the signals to break out, resulting in poor internet speeds. Set up your router near or inside your room to easily experience improved internet singles. This means you must remove your router if it’s in the basement or closet at once. 

Try off and on Technique

This technique works most of the time. All you need to do is to switch off the router, wait for 30 seconds, and then switch it on again. This makes the router clear out the glitches.

You can boost your network by turning it off and on again too. Moreover, it would be best to reboot your network occasionally for better speeds. Note that you will be out of the internet for a little, so ensure to turn your cellular data on for a little bit.

Adjust the Router’s Antennas

The routers with internal antennas will not need this step, so if you can’t locate the antennas on your router, proceed to the next step. However, if you do have adjustable antennas attached to your router, try to reconfigure them. 

The antennas send signals in all directions perpendicular to the router. Ensure the antennas are set horizontally to send alerts to multiple floors and vertically if you need more area covered. A good internet is also required for your router to provide good speeds.

Get New Equipment

People barely think of replacing the old equipment they had installed before. The out-of-date and old router can cause your internet speeds to suffer. Consider getting a new one if your router’s a few years old.

A good internet plan with old equipment is like a car with no gas. New routers with the latest technology are available today, which will help you observe fast internet speeds easily.

Upgrade to a Faster Internet Plan

If the tips above don’t help, consider upgrading your internet plan. When you bought your current internet plan, maybe you didn’t have as many devices as you do now, so the speeds would have seemed okay before.

As the number of devices increases and online activities intensify, the need for a new internet plan ultimately arises. Subscribing to a better internet plan according to your current needs can help. Here is some advice: bundle the offer to pay less and get more services.


That is all, folks! Fast internet is a basic necessity for every other household in the US today. Be it ordering a ride, ordering food online, online shopping, streaming, or any other online task, fast internet is required. We hope the tips mentioned above helped you improve your internet speeds.

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