BigCommerce SEO tips for higher rankings and conversions

BigCommerce is a leading SaaS (Software as a Service) e-commerce platform that helps businesses create their online store. For your online store to thrive you need customers. When you rank higher in the search results you get more traffic and customers. You need to implement SEO techniques to rank higher in the SERPs.

BigCommerce offers several SEO features like optimised and unique URLs, built-in microdata, 301 redirects and URL rewrites, and CDN. If you want to implement SEO strategies for your online store then you can approach BigCommerce SEO agency.

  • BigCommerce can auto-populate your product and category pages with SEO-friendly URLs. The URLs created are descriptive but you can always change them to suit your needs. BigCommerce ensures that the unique pages on your website have one ULR. This helps to avoid the duplicate content issues.
  • BigCommerce can add microdata to your product pages for your products to be displayed in ‘Rich Snippets’. Rich snippets display the results with information like rating, pricing, brand and more.
  • It provides automatic 301 redirects and URL rewrites when changes are made to your pages. For example, if you change a product name then it will auto-populate the URL to reflect the change. 
  • BigCommerce helps to improve website speed by using a CDN network in the background. This also ensures that your website loads quickly.
  • It allows you to edit the robots.txt file easily. This file controls which pages have to be crawled by Google.

SEO Tips To Boost Organic Rankings

You need to adapt SEO strategies to rank higher in the Search results. As you rank higher you will get more traffic and more conversions. The SEO tips for an E-commerce store are as follows:

  1. Do keyword research and find your relevant keywords with their search volume, keyword difficulty and relevance. Choose the keyword with medium search volume as they will be easier to rank. The lower the keyword difficulty score the easier it is to rank for that keyword. Your keywords should describe your products.  

    For keyword research, you can use tools like Google Search Console, Ahrefs, Keyword Denominator and more.
  1. You should optimise the title tags and include keywords in them. You should add meta descriptions to all the content pages on your website like product pages, category pages, blog posts, content pages and Homepages. You should include the main keyword at the beginning of the meta description. 
  1. Product descriptions are used to educate the users about the product and encourage them to buy it. You should find the transactional keywords and use them in product descriptions. Your product descriptions should be concise, clear, credible and compelling.
  1. Creating content is a good way to get more traffic, more leads and build trust with the target audience. You should select clear and focussed topics to write about. You can create content that solves the target audience’s problems and answers their queries. Providing the right information will help to build trust. Create content that is engaging and interesting to the target audience. When your content ranks higher you will get more traffic and sales.
  1. Technical SEO is important as it helps to improve your online store’s rankings and user experience. The advantage of using the BigCommerce platform is that they keep the platform technically sound and you need not worry about the technical aspects of SEO.
  1. Build internal links on your online store from the relevant blogs to the product pages. By increasing the use of internal links you can boost your SEO. To increase your internal links you can create blogs and link back to the relevant product. Every page on your e-commerce store should be reachable with at least 1 link.  
  1. Backlinks play an important role in driving more traffic and improving the rankings of your e-commerce store. The best way to earn backlinks is to create top-quality content. Others will naturally want to link to this type of content. You can reach out to bloggers and influencers for guest posting opportunities.
  1. You can create social media posts to help improve user engagement and boost traffic. Create authentic and engaging content that offers value to your audience. 
  1. Most of the traffic comes from mobile devices and therefore you should optimise your website for mobile. One of the ways is to use a responsive design for your website. Google also uses mobile-first indexing and therefore you should create a mobile version of your website. 

By implementing SEO tips you can ensure that your online store ranks higher in the search results and improves conversions. You can hire BigCommerce SEO services to implement SEO strategies.

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