Fix Google Adsense Valuable Inventory: Nonsensical Content 2021

Google Adsense is the best advertisement network if you are in the blogging field. Google Adsense approval these days is getting tougher and tougher.

Earlier you can just approve one of your domains and use ad code literally anywhere, but now the situation is changed, you have to approve your every domain to show ads individually.

Anyways let back to the topic, today I am going to share with your some of my personal experienced steps to get rid of Google Adsense Valuable Inventory: Nonsensical Content Error.

Nonsensical Content Error is completely related to your website/blog content. It means your content either rewritten or spun. You have a lot of grammatical mistakes, your sentence or paraphrasing doesn’t make any sense.

You do not stick to the topic you are explaining in your blog post. Giving unnecessary information that is not required and many more issues related to content.

Fix: Google Adsense Valuable Inventory Nonsensical Content Error

Step 1: Make sure your content is unique and 100% plagiarism-free. Check your content plagiarism before uploading anything on your website/blog.

Step 2: Make sure you have enough content on your blog as you know that Adsense is a text-based ad network and required some amount of text to publish ads.

Step 3: Try to upload content in schedule like one blog a day, week or a month at your convenience. You should have at least 18-20 blog posts with a minimum of 400-500 words each before applying/reapplying for Adsense.

Step 4: Always use royalty-free images. Don’t just copy and paste random images to your blog. There are many websites providing copyright-free images out there, google it.

Step 5: Create all necessary pages before applying as about us, contact us, disclaimer, privacy policy, cookie policy, etc. Check out our website’s footer for sample data.

Step 6: If you are a blogger, make your website template as simple as good, so that your visitors can easily navigate your blog.

Step 7: Create at least 3-4 categories and put 5-6 bog posts in each category.

Step 8: Create Sitemap, submit it to google search console and let your all URLs be indexed before applying for Adsense.

Step 9: You can easily create Sitemap with the help of free WordPress plugins like Yoast, google XML, etc.

Step 10: Remove all affiliate links, 3rd party ad codes, unverified URLs from your website before applying.

Step 11: Do not just copy and paste content, don’t ever use any kind of content spinner to create content, don’t rewrite someone else post in your own language.

Conclusion: These are some basic points to tackle Google Adsense Valuable Inventory Nonsensical Content Error. Try to follow all these steps and reapply for Google Adsense. You’ll definitely get approved.

If you need any kind of help, feel free to comment below and you can buy my services at Fiverr related to Google Adsense Approval, Content or Web-related issues.

Hi, this is Viney Bhatia, a blogger, an engineer, and an affiliate marketer. I love writing about different topics related to WordPress, blogging, marketing, monetization, etc.

10 thoughts on “Fix Google Adsense Valuable Inventory: Nonsensical Content 2021”

  1. thank you for the info. Im having a hard time getting accepted. I’ve apply like 6 times with no success, so now i have to wait till march 20 to apply again .

  2. I’ve applied for the 4th consecutive time. I don’t think there is any chance I can get approved. Maybe, I have to change my blog content, if that’s only choice. Anyways, thank you for this blog post, I directly came here from Adsense…

  3. Thanks for this great article! I got this information after i moved my blog to a wordpress, i will try thi your information then reapply.

  4. Hello Viney,

    Thank you for sharing this article. I have a website with UGC but I always check the content before publishing it. my website is in two languages but the ugc can’t be translated from one to another.
    All my content is 100% unique and I have thousands of words. is the fact that the website is in two different languages can cause a Valuable inventory: Nonsensical content rejection?


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