Top 10 Strategies for Instagram Marketing – Get a Thorough Idea!

A recent survey revealed that Instagram’s story reaches about 500 million users per day. Contrary to popular perception, Instagram has also risen to the challenges of business promotion. Instagram resources suggest that 60% of people find new products on Instagram every day. 

This has made Instagram a powerhouse for optimum business promotional opportunities. So, contemporary businesses utilize this to their advantage by attractive creatives. Many people scrolling through their feed and double-tapping on “good” posts can be a latent guilty pleasure. This proves that, unlike other platforms, there is no perfect time to post on Instagram.

The average audience is always perusing through his screen and refreshing his news feed. If you have a creative, interesting, and engaging post, the best time to post on Instagram is NOW! Since the long-term value of the Instagram promotion is moot, it is important to look at these strategies which help your brands grow.


It takes years of efficient and strategic campaigning, amongst other factors, to achieve the potency that leading brands have. Having said that, the resurgence of social media campaigns, especially on Instagram, can prove to be a shorter route. 

How So? Through trendy hashtags. These days infatuation with trendy hashtags is one of the key strategies to get people to know you and rally behind your brand. For example, Nike’s last campaigns, namely,#RunFree and #ChooseYourWinter, slew the market competition by influencing Free Running movements and parkour events.

Partnering With Causes That Highlight Your Brand’s Ethos

How can you ensure a loyal customer base and solid brand equity? The answer lies in altruism. Altruistic notions are selfless societal precepts. This gives them a permanence of sorts as people continue to associate themselves with such utopian ideals. 

Rallying around such concepts makes sure that your brand name will be synonymous with it every time somebody looks up to such an idea.

The most significant example is the IBM pride campaign. IBM colored the trademark blue stripes into rainbow colors representing solidarity with the Pride parade and advocating inclusivity. Additionally, they popularized the #inclusiveIBM and the #PrideMonth hashtags to help them gain further reach as the pride celebrations began.

Relate to Your Followers

To create a strong perception of your brand, you must consider your target audience’s perceptions and opinions. Campaigns that relate to the followers on any personal connection at a deeper level tend to be etched in memory for a long. 

For instance, Pepsi’s ad campaigns rally around themes, habits, trends, and youth practices in their ad campaigns. This is the major reason the people regard Pepsi as the youth’s drip all over the world.

Stay Relevant To Your Brand

Instagram marketing has become one of the popular choices amongst a majority of brands. The important thing to remember is to find relevant creative ideas to reinforce your brand equity. No matter what your ad campaign talks about, using interesting puns and subtle hints can always lead to smart brand association. 

Levi’s recent #iamlevis is the biggest example of this regard. The campaign kicked off with a small video featuring men, women, and children of various ethnic-socio-cultural backgrounds dancing freely to a popular tune. The ad featured all of them wearing Levi’s jeans and hinting at the comfort level of the apparel.

Engage With The Audience

Popular streaming platform Netflix comes up with unique quips and comments on its posts. It openly comments on followers and replies to their comments, albeit with some dry humor or anecdotal satire from time to time. Popular ways to engage with your audience could be Q&A sessions, ask me anything sessions, and Instagram Live videos.

Do NOT Post Overzealously

Constant posting is an Insta No-no. Overzealous posting is a clear case of quality versus quantity. Depending on your product, preference, and planning, you can post content on the platform “regularly.” Regular content posting is slated at a particular time interval and usually has a coherent thread of connection between the posts. 

Although businesses want to popularize the audience’s reactions, over-posting can do you more harm than good. Being unable to catch up with your posts all the time is essentially falling outside the loop of your campaign.

Promote Your Instagram Feed 

Yes, you need to post on Instagram. But you must realize that there is a larger audience that is completely impervious to your marketing campaign. To tap into such an audience, you need to promote your Instagram feed on other platforms too. 

Platforms such as Facebook have a billion active users daily. Promoting your Instagram on such platforms directs your prospect’s attention to your Instagram feed, thus widening your audience.

InstaStories for InstaUpdates

One of the more powerful mediums of promotion is InstaStories. Stories on Instagram are more conveniently viewed. Instagram’s platform layout is such that stories take precedence over posts in the layout. 

Therefore, before you know who has posted what, you will be updated via their story. This is the main reason that stories circulate “New Post” notifications.

Create a Central Theme

Random sporadic posts on Instagram have little or no significant value. Instead, a time-tested strategy would formulate a central theme and address it in your ad campaign. A theme-oriented campaign has a better recall factor in the minds of your prospective audience. 

Since they can resonate with the larger theme, the ensuing ad campaign becomes much more attractive and interesting. The effective way to do this is to design campaigns over a series about the same central thematic idea.

Use All Insta Tools For Interesting Posts

The most important part of any social networking website is the tools that accompany it. Instagram has smart tools such as Insta Analytics that display the reach of every post. 

Apart from this, they also help to calculate the impact of the post and showcase the engagement. This helps to formulate better and more effective strategies for marketing.

It is important to realize that brand recognition is neither simple nor an overnight phenomenon. Successful campaigns don’t just promote a product; they promote a purpose that the audience can associate with the brand. Therefore, marketing on Instagram through smart campaigns that resonate with your brand is the surest way to go “viral.”

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