How to Watch Live Sports Without a Cable TV Subscription?

You might be thinking of cutting the cord but the thought of letting go of all the sports networks is probably holding you back. Sports channels and the buzz around them never die down. The United States of America is a country of avid sports fans, who absolutely cannot imagine giving up on watching major events like the Super Bowl or the NFL Draft. However, due to the hike in cord-cutting trend because of increasing bills, people have started looking for alternative options.

This is where live TV streaming services come into play. They allow you to watch sports in real-time and that too without having to spend a hefty amount.

However, there is just one thing that needs to be taken care of; the internet connection. Live TV streaming services work best when connected with high-speed and reliable internet, as the one delivered by Spectrum. It allows you to watch the content in HD, without having to worry about running out of data. If you are a new subscriber, then we suggest calling numero de Spectrum (for Latin Americans only) to get yourself an internet plan of your choice.

Having said that, we have put together a list of some of the best live TV streaming services for you so you don’t have to keep emptying your pockets on cable TV bills only to watch sports programs.

So, without much further ado, let’s take a look at our top picks.

1. FuboTV

FuboTV is one of the most preferred live TV streaming services for people who look for cable TV alternatives. It offers you a wide range of sports networks like Gold channel, ESPN, FS1, FS2, BeIn Sports, RSNs, and several other local networks. However, its channel lineup does not include TBS and TNT, which might make you want to look someplace else if these are the channels you typically watch.

FuboTV subscription starts at only $69.99 for a month, and with it, you can watch 134 channels, and 100+ sports events. It also comes with a cloud DVR service that allows you to record the programs. Its Latino plan of $33 (monthly) offers 46 channels, 100+ sports events, and a cloud DVR storage of 250 hours.

2. YouTube TV

YouTube TV is just as amazing as the video-based website. It offers you a large array of quality content, including some of the best sports networks. Its channel lineup includes popular networks like four RSNs, CBS, TBS, TNT, ESPN, FS1, FS2, and plenty of other options. What’s more, if you get a Sports Plus package, then you can get your hands on NFL Red Zone and BeIn.

As of now, a YouTube TV subscription is available for $54.99 for a month (the first three months), however, after this duration, you will have to pay $64.99 (monthly). This package includes more than 85 channels, including sports, entertainment, and news.

3. Hulu + Live TV

Hands down, one of the top live TV streaming services, Hulu + Live TV offers its subscribers some of the most famous networks like USA Network, ESPN 2, TNT, TBS, ESPN, and several others. Not only this, but you also get to watch a college sports game. This streaming site allows you to watch all the programs of ESPN+ including more than 75 live TV channels. The regional channel lineup varies as per your location, however, you can definitely count on it to bring you some of the exciting networks.

Hulu + Live TV has a free trial option but it only includes on-demand content and not the live TV channels. But don’t worry, you can get either get its ad-supported plan that costs $69.99 for a month, or you can get a subscription to its ad-free plan that only costs $75.99 (monthly).

4. Peacock Premium  

As much as we love Peacock OTT services, we cannot help but rave about its Peacock Premium which allows you to watch Premier League soccer games such as WWE wrestling events, and the Olympics. In addition to this, you can also watch Sunday Night Football games, MLB Sunday Leadoff, and some golf tournaments. Peacock Premium also allows you to catch racing events like IndyCar, SuperMotocross, cycling, track and field, rugby, figure skating, and much more.

The subscription to Peacock Premium starts from $4.99 for a month and goes up to $9.99 (monthly). This is probably the cheapest option we have in this list since it lets you stream great content without asking much in price point.

5. Sling TV

Sling TV has been gaining fans ever since its launch. Its impressive channel lineup allows you to watch various sports content and that too without having to empty your pockets. It includes more than 35 live channels and college sports networks. The lineup includes NFL Network, TNT, TBS, ESPN, and the add-on feature of Sports Extra allows you to get networks like BeIn Sports, ESPNU, Tennis Channel, LMB, NHL, and Longhorn Network.

Interestingly, Sling TV has two separate packages; Sling Blue and Sling Orange. Based on your viewing habits, you can choose any one of them or go for the combined plan called Blue + Orange. These plans start from $35 for a month but as a combined plan, it can cost you $50, which is pretty decent, if you ask us.

Wrapping Up

Due to the major hike in cable TV bills, people have started looking for alternative options that can allow them to watch sports channels and events throughout the year, without having to spend a handsome amount. This is why we suggest getting a subscription to the above-mentioned live TV streaming platforms since they offer an impressive sports channel lineup at very affordable rates.

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