Here are 5 ways you can promote your canvas art business on TikTok

TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms since the pandemic. With over a billion monthly active users worldwide, it is a terrific platform to reach a large audience quickly. Numerous users have seen overnight fame on TikTok or have managed to build a huge following online thanks to their TikTok content.

Many businesses are now turning to TikTok to market their brands. It is a great tool for smaller businesses as it allows them to create and post content cost-effectively and garner a lot of visibility. This visibility then leads to people following them and eventually even becoming customers.

However, this also means that marketers and businesses have more competition and need to be smart with their content. Your goal should not be solely to promote your business, but rather you should focus on your account and content in order to truly promote your canvas art brand. Here are 5 ways you can do so on TikTok.

Five promotional TikTok marketing strategies

1. Keep your content varied and regular

In order to keep your followers interested in your account, you need to post regularly but ensure that the content is varied enough to remain interesting. One can only watch the same type of compilation or clip so many times before losing interest. 

As an art creator, creativity is something that will come to you naturally. Your art can be and should be the subject of many of your videos as it is appealing. 

You can create compilations of your art creation process or showcase multiple pieces in one video. Add some interesting songs in the background to make the clips more interesting. 

You can also create content about art where you give people tips and tricks they can use to create similar pieces at home. 

Another thing you can use TikTok for is event and promotion announcements. You can use a TikTok video template that you can use to feature your art and announce upcoming events. Try to post regularly about such events, so your followers are reminded of them. 

2. Keep up with trends

Various trends regarding art get popular each month. In order to be more visible, try to keep an eye out for these trends and try to create some content featuring these trends every once in a while. This way, it can show anyone watching content featuring such trends in your video. 

You don’t have to do trendy things; having a mix can be a good idea. You should also know which audios are trending and try to use those in your videos. 

3. Use hashtags wisely

Hashtags are a great means to stay visible and compile all your posts under one heading. You should create a short and simple hashtag related to your business and place it in the caption or comments of all your posts. 

Adding other relevant and trending hashtags in your post also enhances the chances of your posts being recommended to others, so be smart with how you utilize hashtags.

4. Incorporate customer feedback and content

Customer feedback is crucial as it adds credibility to your business and acts like word-of-mouth marketing. There are various ways you can incorporate customer feedback into your marketing. 

You can create compilations of testimonials that you have received from satisfied customers. Ensure the compilation is not too fast and the reviews are easy to read. 

Another thing you can do is post a video of you creating a custom piece for a customer and add their review as a voiceover. You can also ask customers to send feedback, clips, or photographs of how they display your pieces and then post these on your account. 

5. Take people behind the scenes

People love to learn more about the content creators they follow. As a business, people will likely be more interested in you and your process. It is why clips showcasing your personality and art creation process are essential. It will also add to the type of content you have. 

You can create videos that show a normal day in your life or clips on how you get your art supplies and prepare for a new piece. You can also show some bloopers on when a piece goes wrong and how you deal with that. 


A large social media following can translate into more customers and more sales. A large following on one platform can also allow a business to garner followers on other platforms. 

Despite its controversies and all the talk surrounding it, no one can deny the huge reach that TikTok has. Thanks to its visibility and quick form of content, it can be very useful in marketing. It is why, as a business, you should look into creating a good TikTok marketing strategy and implementing it. 

As a canvas art creator, you already have something eye-catching, and your products can double as marketing tools. It can help you on TikTok, and with these 5 strategies in mind, you can promote your business successfully on this platform. 

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