15+ Best Minecraft House Ideas and Tutorials in 2023

Are you in search of unique and creative ideas for building houses in Minecraft? Look no further, as we inspire both beginners and experts alike. From simple timber cabins to grand beachfront villas, we aim to spark your imagination.

A wide variety of Minecraft House Ideas are available in this article, including options for Easy, Simple, Cool, Survival, and Modern styles, as well as building techniques.

In Minecraft, building is just as important as aiming in CS: GO. A house is one of the essential structures you can create in the game, providing a haven for you to return to no matter where your adventures take you.

The game offers an array of blocks and landscapes to choose from, making the possibilities for building a house nearly endless. Whether it’s your first time building in Minecraft or you’re a seasoned veteran, there are countless options to consider.

Rest assured, you don’t have to go it alone. Fantastic house ideas are abundant out there for you to explore. Whether you’re interested in building a farmhouse, medieval castle, or beach house, this guide is sure to have something to suit your taste.

The Minecraft community is home to a wealth of beautiful and impressive builds that can serve as inspiration for your creations. So, let’s start our list of the best minecraft house ideas and tutorials.

What are Minecraft House Ideas?

Exploring and adventuring are at the heart of Minecraft. The game offers a vast array of worlds, from underground caves to towering peaks, that are perfect for those who love to explore. However, it’s not always possible to wander endlessly, and a home is necessary for storage and as a creative challenge.

But it can be hard to decide what form that home should take and how big it should be. In the past decade, players have amazed the online community with intricate mansions, secret hideaways, character-inspired designs, and more.

To help you design and build your own unique Minecraft mansion, we’ve compiled a list of the best ideas submitted by creative players. You can use these ideas as a guide for creating your own home in the same style or as inspiration for your unique design.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top Minecraft house ideas you can use in your own game.

Key highlights of minecraft house ideas:

  • All three of Minecraft’s primary game modes, Survival, Creative, and Hardcore, allow players to construct their own homes.
  • Their primary function is as a large storage unit and a haven from hostile mobs.
  • Houses can be built out of just about anything in the game, but wood is the best option because it blends in with the natural environment.
  • The vast majority of perfect homes have plenty of room for storing numerous chests, furnaces, and other bulky items.
  • Obviously, you can also give your home a delightful appearance by decorating it with flowers, coloured mats, and paintings.
  • Remember that a hostile mob is more likely to spawn in a dark area of your home, so make sure to light up every room!

Minecraft’s vast world and frequent updates offer players endless opportunities for exploration and building.

To ensure that you can protect yourself from hostile mobs and griefers, we’ve gathered a selection of the top Minecraft house designs for you to use as inspiration.

In survival mode, a well-built home is particularly important for your safety and performance. Use the creative Minecraft house plans we’ve compiled as inspiration for constructing your own ideal home in the game.

List of Top Best Minecraft House Ideas and tutorials

Minecraft’s Creative Mode allows players to create their ideal Minecraft house with access to a vast array of materials and special abilities like flight. It’s a great way to simplify the building process and let your imagination soar.

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to take your time and let your creativity flow or if you want to focus on building a more realistic setting with survival elements. Start by experimenting with basic barn concepts in Survival mode, then move on to more advanced designs in Creative mode.

1) Georgian Minecraft House

The Georgian Minecraft House is a grand and luxurious mansion, suitable for skilled players. While many Minecraft house designs have some good features, this one has many. The windows have decorative headers and the entrance is decorated with intricate moulding, giving the house a traditional Georgian look.

The house is also adorned with flowers and gardens, but the most striking feature is the staircase. Building this house requires a high level of skill and is not for beginners. It is a must-see for those who are up for a challenging construction project.

2) Minecraft Cube House

If you’re seeking a distinctive Minecraft house design, there are various choices available, but none as innovative as the Cube Minecraft House. The house features one cube as the entrance, and the other four cubes as rooms, each with its own unique layout. The structure mostly uses Silky Quartz, and is embellished with a range of Stained Glass Windows. The cubes will have a 7×7 grid, and except for the last cube, four of them will be built so that a staircase leads up to the upper cubes.

This approach to Minecraft architecture is a novel one, and it’s not hard to see why it has become popular among players. The Cube Minecraft House is one of the best simple Minecraft house ideas and easy to construct.

3) Large Spruce Minecraft Mansion

The Big House in Minecraft is the ultimate in luxury. The best part is, you can build this grand mansion, complete with all its features, in Survival Mode as well. The structure is primarily made up of cobblestone and other wooden blocks, while the interior can be as elaborate as desired.

To construct this building, you will need approximately 2,100 logs, mostly spruce and oak logs. Additionally, you will need a large number of spruce planks. It is recommended to gather materials before starting this extensive building project.

4) Riverside Modern Minecraft House

The Riverside Minecraft House is a stylish and spacious home, perfect for those who enjoy building ultra-modern mansions in Minecraft. The black and white color scheme is striking and sure to impress.

Despite its modern design, it is relatively easy to construct, making it a great option for first-time builders. To start, create a base measuring 10 blocks in length and 9 blocks in width using oak wood planks. For an added challenge, try increasing the height of this foundation to seven blocks by stacking blocks.

Next, build a second structure 4 blocks tall, next to the first one, leaving a space of four blocks between them. Use grey hardened clay to shape the exterior of the house, and then build a 9-block-tall structure one block diagonally from the two previous structures. Following these steps will result in a beautiful and modern Minecraft home.

5) Village Minecraft House

In Minecraft, villages can be found throughout the game’s world, whether you are playing alone or in another player’s world. Having your own unique designs for Minecraft village homes can be useful in either scenario. This particular home is beautifully crafted, with simple decorations and a few strategic complexities.

To achieve the best results when building this house, it is recommended to clear out enough space before starting. The measurements refer to the exterior space only, not the interior design, which is larger than the basic layout. To start, make a square with the dimensions 7×7 blocks within the existing layout and then expand it from there. This is one of the simplest Minecraft house concepts ever.

6) Beach Minecraft House

There is nothing quite as relaxing as the cool breeze coming off a lake or the sea while you rest in bed close to the water’s edge. Building a beach house in Minecraft is a must-do, and the best beach house ideas will guide you through the process with enthusiasm. A beach house offers much more excitement than a traditional home.

The localization services for your Minecraft avatar are an important factor to consider. The materials required for construction are readily available. You will need mostly jungle slabs, oak wood, oak planks, glass windows and jungle planks.

To improve the aesthetic appeal, additional materials such as paintings, smokers, barrels, strings, item frames, lanterns, crafting tables and other items are necessary for decoration. To make this house stand out from the rest, you’ll need a campfire and some oak leaves. The fact that such a structure is possible in Survival Mode is a bonus.

Start by forming a diagonal layout of two separate rooms. The first layout should be 6 x 8 blocks, and the second 5 x 8 blocks, leaving some space between the blocks for later modifications. Focus on one section at a time, building the roof of the house four blocks in height, before moving on to the exterior using jungle wood stairs and other features.

Using oak wood and oak planks, construct a separate, smaller section for added space. Adding a glass panel here will greatly improve the visual appeal of this area. Also, scatter lanterns around for lighting and improved visibility. This Minecraft beach house idea is superior to any other.

7) Underground Minecraft House

The Underground House by Spudetti proves that grandeur and impressiveness do not necessarily require height. This subterranean, circular house with four equal sections offers a unique and striking design, deviating from the typical two-story structures in Minecraft.

Its symmetrical design is particularly striking when viewed from above, and the view of the night sky from the house must be breathtaking.

8) Wooden Modern Minecraft House

Greatness in design and construction is not limited to large, multi-level structures such as castles and towers. The Underground House, designed by Spudetti, is a striking example of how a single-level structure can be just as impressive.

This underground, circular fortress in Minecraft, divided into four equal spaces, offers a unique and captivating departure from the typical two-story houses in the game.

Its symmetrical design is particularly striking when viewed from above, and it must be a sight to behold. The experience of viewing the night sky from this subterranean vantage point is likely to be a pleasing one.

9) Smiley House in Minecraft

This unique Minecraft house design by ManDooMiN exudes positive energy and is shaped like a well-known smiley face found on the internet. It features black borders that give it a pixelated appearance and walls made of colour-tinted glass blocks.

One of the most interesting aspects of the design is how the structure adapts to different lighting conditions throughout the day.

During the day, it may appear intimidating, but at night, the opaque walls and internal light sources illuminate the structure, creating a stunning see-through design that is only visible during nighttime hours.

10) Modern City House

If you’re looking for ways to give your Minecraft home a unique and modern look, the Modern City House by JINTUBE is a great option.

This design features well-organized furniture, potted plants, hedges, a pool, and two floors of contemporary design elements.

The use of concrete blocks and effective spacing give the house an estate-like quality, while the white walls add to the modern feel. It’s a great inspiration for anyone planning to build a city and one of the many creative Minecraft house ideas available.

11) Japanese Style House

In this tutorial, Zaypizel will show you how to build a Minecraft house in the Japanese style. The primary building materials used include sandstone, spruce logs and planks, dark oak logs and planks, dark prismarine for the roof, and spruce trapdoors, which give the house a bamboo-like appearance.

12) Fishing Dock House

If you enjoy the idea of being able to fish whenever the mood strikes you, then this fishing dock house design tutorial by JUNS MAB Architecture may be perfect for you.

This charming home is perched on top of a sandy biome and offers breathtaking views of the ocean.

This sand-coloured house is not a makeshift shack but a magnificent two-story building that serves both as a useful resource-gathering spot and a comfortable place to live.

With a dock to the left of the house, you can cast your rod and keep any catches you make. And if you ever get tired of fishing, you can always take a break and explore the area on foot or by boat.

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