Are You A Blogger? Here’s How Instagram Can Help You Grab The Limelight

As a Blogger, you’re finding your voice, exploring different areas that interest you, and, most importantly, sharing that journey with your followers. 

For this, one of the most crucial metrics is reach, as you’ve taken subjects that interest you and made them adaptable to rest. With many users on Instagram, it serves as the perfect platform to complement your blog.

Noting how smartphones are the hub of all human communication, no one ever lets it out of their sight! Couple that with a consistently rising per-day time spent on Instagram, and you’re missing out if your blog doesn’t have a presence on the platform.

What does Instagram Have In Store For You?

Increased Content Consumption

It’s known that people consume content better when it is visual. They are more likely to view, engage with it, and even share it. That’s precisely what Instagram can give you. 

Being a thoroughly visual app, it gives your content more of a chance to grab viewers’ attention. The whole social interaction of it all can give your posts a further boost with sharing via DMs in just two taps and accessing links in just a swipe.

Better Follower Involvement

Here, you can grow a community of followers who are invested at a more personal level. As you share posts and interact with them via DMs, Comments, Likes, and Replies, the instant dopamine hit of social media is an indirect benefit that helps your followers bond with you. 

Being an inevitable part of their day, Instagram also helps reduce the steps taken to access your content.


On the off-days, while you’re working on your blog, you can turn to share other small bits of content curated just for Instagram. Maybe a tiny tip, hack, or even fact. 

This keeps you consistently communicating while also not having to churn out blogs constantly. You get to balance quantity without having to compromise on quality.

How Can You Achieve Instagram Popularity?

From setting up your profile to pointers on content, follow these comprehensive tips below to enrich your Instagram profile.

Starting Up

Create a Business Account for your blog; you can either convert your account into one or create a new one. Select a username that is the same as your blog’s or your own. 

If you have a logo for your blog, use that as your Profile Picture; if not, use a product or image in theme with your blog. Even a clear picture of yourself will do.

Fill in the bio with an interesting snippet about your blog and yourself (using emojis is fine). If you have other profiles that you’d like to share, you can add a Linktree URL that combines them all in one place. 

You could also try out tools like Linkin. Bio, which shows grids of tappable images that lead to their respective blog posts.

If you already have an established presence, apply for an Instagram verification. This helps users see you as a reliable account, creating a sense of authority in what you share.

Building Your Profile

To build your follower base, begin with linking your profile to your blog, letting subscribers know that you’re on Instagram. Follow bloggers and influencers of your segment and try re-posting or sharing their content. 

You can also reach out to some bloggers via DM and partner with them in creating content, giving way to them promoting your profile in the bargain.

Content Creation

Crafting content for Instagram is quite different from blog posts. Here short, concise, and visually appealing content works. So keep that in mind when you adapt your blogs. 

You can take a screenshot of your blog post and share it on Instagram with a catchy caption, mentioning ‘link in bio’ and relevant hashtags. Similarly, you can share them on Stories as well, with a Swipe-Up link.

The best part about content on Instagram is the various formats that you can use. For Stories, use interactive stickers like polls, which also work well in deciding what to write on, or Ask Me Anything stickers that help your followers with FAQs and knowing more about you. 

Reels, a recent addition, are a great way to share quick DIYs, informational snippets, and hacks, while IGTV works well for the longer format of video content. 

Remember to keep your captions short, add words on images when necessary, and share a few BTS images as people love to get a glance of work-in-progress moments.


You can use Lives for a quick Q&A session or a Do-It-Together session with your followers. Re-post images/stories that people tag you in (where they give you credit) and reply to comments. This real-time interaction is what builds loyalty among followers. 

Use a custom hashtag for your posts and encourage people to interact and comment on them for better engagement. Set up Quick Replies if you do not have the time to get back to DMs.


To further your reach, use Location Tags, tag brands, and maintain a proper posting cycle. As mentioned previously, reach out to influencers, hold promotional activities with them, or pay a small amount to promote your profile and even boost individual posts. 

You can host contests and giveaways on your profile as well. Ensure to re-share your posts as stories once in a while to continuously cycle content or whenever it’s topically relevant.


Instagram has a great analytics platform called Insights that gives you an understating of your follower demographics and performance. Take the time to understand it and test out new types of content based on what you learn.


Reap the benefits of both platforms by embedding Instagram posts in your blog. This way, you get to use your images and promote your profile. Additionally, use a Plugin to display a gallery view of your Instagram profile on your blog, giving it a more professional look.

You could also hire an Instagram marketing service for expertly tailored solutions for better social media integration of your blog. Just keep in mind that the key here is consistency in communication, which helps you to slowly but effectively build authority in your space.

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