5 Games You Can Play if You Have 30 Minutes or Less – Quick Gaming Sessions

If you are a gamer, you probably know the feeling of starting to play one of your favorite games, and before you know it hours have passed. Some of the most immersive action-packed games have a way of sucking us in, and time seems to pass differently while we play.

A lot of games are ideal for long sessions, but what about those times when you don’t have that long? Time is precious, and if you only have 30 minutes to play after work or before you go to bed, what kinds of games can you play?

We’re not just talking console gaming here, there are multiple options from card games to board games and mobile apps. Let’s explore some of your options for quick gaming sessions.

Casino Games (Roulette, Blackjack)

Casino games including roulette are good to play if you are short on time. Roulette spins take a matter of seconds meaning it is easy to dip in and out and play as many spins as you want to. You can find multiple options on digital casino platforms, including several variations of online roulette, as well as a lot of other table games, which provide shorter spells of gaming and are perfect to indulge in while on the go.

While 30 minutes would be a relatively short poker session, it is possible, and blackjack is certainly an option too. These games are all designed to be quick, so roulette can be a perfect coffee-break game.

Mario Kart

If you want to play a quick and simple game involving multiple people then Mario Kart could be one of your best options. Playable on some older consoles like the Wii but also Nintendo Switch, it is easy to do a few races in this short time.

Mario Kart is always a bit of fun and good for parties and playing in groups. It has whimsical characters and the unpredictable and sometimes bizarre race courses mean that you’re always in with a chance even if it is your first game. Not many race games have the chance to sabotage your opponents like this.

Racing games are generally a good call if you are looking for something you can play quickly, but you might find the more serious games demand longer than 30 minutes.


Santorini is a board game that is simple enough to be played quickly by anyone. Based on the Greek island of Santorini, the game involves building blocks and pieces to allow players to move, try and build to the top. 

The game also has a Greek god vibe with a God Card to use when you are finding things tough, allowing you to break certain rules for one move.

You can also play this game individually or as a small team, so it is a flexible board game for multiple players.

Any Pokemon Game

For some people, Pokemon is pure nostalgia, for other people, the new generation of Pokemon games is a way of life.

One of the best things about Pokemon games is the fact that you can dive in for relatively short spaces of time. The games mainly allow you to pick up where you left off when you decide to switch off for the day. The only times when you might want to think about leaving some extra playing time is if you are about to take on a gym leader. 

As well as playing Pokemon games on Switch or older-generation consoles you can also enjoy Pokemon Go on your mobile device. This game was a huge viral sensation when it was released but it still has millions of players today. It’s good for a more interactive version of the game.

Sports Simulation Games (FIFA, MLB, etc.)

Sports simulation games like FIFA are also possible to switch on and play in a matter of minutes. Even though the sporting events they are based on tend to last for hours, these games condense them into around 10-minute matches which makes them perfect for just playing a couple at a time.

You can play these games against the AI or on their online modes, and millions of people out there could be looking for a competitive game. 


30 minutes doesn’t seem like a lot of time if you want to dive into a gaming session, but fortunately, you do still have options. This can be a good way to blow off some steam after work or even on your lunch break.

These five games are just some of the examples. Though you may love playing strategy games that take hours and hours to play, you might not always have that luxury, so short and snappy games are a great option.

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