12 Torrent Download Sites still Working as of August 2020

For those of us who like to download torrents, it can be very difficult to choose a site that offers constant and reliable access at any time of the day. With the barrage of attacks they receive from governments internationally, it is not surprising that we experience some difficulty.

When the almighty The Pirate Bay falls, where do we go? Do not worry! There are several alternatives out there. There are a multitude of torrent sites on the Internet, and this is your definitive guide to them.

Before moving on to torrent downloads, it’s worth noting that there are risks, both when accessing and downloading from a torrent website. These risks range from advertisements, viruses, and malware to ISP copyright infringement notifications and government sanctions.

There are several ways to protect yourself, but if you make sure to use an ad blocker, have a good antivirus, and a reliable VPN, you will be safe.

You have a wide range of options for each of them, but we recommend NordVPN, as a great starting point.

1. The Pirate Bay (TPB) – The undisputed king of torrent

  • The most reliable and complete torrent libraries
  • The largest community providing the fastest download speeds
  • Top 100 lists for all types of media

This site is the most tried and trusted out there , it has a vast library of all types of multimedia, and despite having experienced countless shutdown attempts since its inception in 2003, it is still the first site that comes to anyone’s mind. when looking for torrent sites.

Their torrent downloads are generally very reliable and well documented, but they are full of ads, so an ad blocker is a must. Ultimately, this is the most reliable, comprehensive, and hassle-free torrent site on the internet. One of the most useful features is its search box, which automatically brings the torrents with the most seeds to the top of all search results pages, making it very easy to find the most reliable, popular torrents and faster download on the site.

Unfortunately, at times this site can still be difficult to access via its standard URL, however there are a multitude of proxy sites listed on Google that work just fine. The usual address is thepiratebay.org

2. Kickass Torrents – An excellent selection of old and new movies and shows

  • Basic and easy-to-use interface
  • Huge seed community second only to The Pirate Bay

Unfortunately, the Kickass Torrent site is not the original one since its closure by the US government in 2016, however it has since been reactivated.

Kickass changes domains every six months and has been removed from Google listings, Twitter posts, and Steam. Luckily for us, it has already been cloned and now exists as kickasstorrents.cr.

If you can get to the site, you will find it to be the best for its minimal and often non-existent advertising, its comprehensive torrent library, and good load times.

3. RARBG – Good Information for Browsing Torrent Downloads Quickly

  • Shorter response times
  • Very few ads
  • Star-based rating feature and links to similar torrents

RARBG is another of the big competitors in the world of torrent downloads. They have a relatively intuitive user interface, a complete torrent library, and good information about each torrent that makes it easy to review before downloading.

Movies are often featured with on-page screenshots, rather than separate links on other sites, along with the poster, music album art, or picture of the show in both pop-ups when you hover over it.

They are one of the few large repositories that also run a tracking server, which many are no longer using in favor of magnetic links.

4. YIFY Movies – The King in High-Quality Movies

  • The best quality movies you can find
  • Intuitive user interface and Netflix-like aesthetic
  • Loaded with unreliable adwares and redirects, you’ll need to proceed with caution

YIFY is famous on the internet, for providing the fastest, best quality and most comprehensive video library , not only on its website itself, but also on many other major torrent index sites like The Pirate Bay

Despite the fact that the original YIFY site has already disappeared, various copycats have sprung up in its place to take advantage of the seal of quality that YIFY implies. The current site yts.am/yts.gd is full of spam that many popular ad blockers still don’t detect. Proceed with caution.

Yts.gd has a user interface that matches many online streaming services , with an aesthetic design, built-in trailers on the page, similar movie suggestions, and cast details and synopsis.

However, this means that much of the more technical information that helps you examine torrents before downloading is not as accessible as seeds and leeches, in addition to the lack of a comment section.

Be careful where you click and what you allow on your network.

5. EZTV – The Fastest TV Show Downloads

  • Simple and ad-free interface
  • You cannot download the entire seasons, only individual chapters.
  • Fewer seeds as a result of being so quickly available and having only individual episodes.

This site became the go-to destination for any television show and, interestingly, it also became a non-profit group, in order to avoid any litigation about “benefits of piracy.”

Unfortunately, this strategy did not leave EZTV intact, and after various legal troubles, its original domain has been claimed by scammers. Also, it is no longer visible in Google searches.

Unfortunately, this strategy did not leave EZTV intact, and after various legal troubles, its original domain has been claimed by scammers. Also, it is no longer visible in Google searches.

Unfortunately, this all means that there are very few older programs available, and the user base is primarily targeting newer versions.

6. 1337x – Very easy to use

  • A very popular torrent download site
  • Attractive graphical interface compared to other alternatives.
  • Handy torrent directories for easy navigation.

This site has a nice graphical user interface, comprehensive information about the torrent page, and it also has fantastically organized media categories that make finding the torrent you are looking for a breeze. While you can’t filter your searches with a single click from the home page, the options will appear after a little more research.

As the third most popular torrent site in the world, you can be sure that you will find almost every type of multimedia content imaginable on this site.

1337x also has a movie library section , which collects all the different torrents available for each movie title in one graphically organized space.

7. ISOHunt – A good selection of torrents

  • It is strongly recommended that you use a VPN
  • It is not automatically sorted by seeders.
  • Very limited torrent download information

Despite what its name implies, ISOHunt not only offers disc copies, but also movies, music games, and TV shows. After the original ISOHunt was retired in 2013, many copies have appeared, however none of these copies are handled by the team that created the original site.

The site has a minimal home page with a more comprehensive option that provides popularity listings that don’t appear to be very popular.

Several of these copies are currently accessible on isohunt.tv or isohunts.to

8. Lime Torrents – Clean interface with few ads

  • Quick interface
  • No banal information
  • Good VPN is advised

Lime torrents is a great alternative to RARBG , with a very similar user interface and speed, but less pop-ups and graphics. They have a full list of trackers available on each torrent page, and directories of their most popular and recent torrents easily accessible.

There are no ads and they make striking warnings that you must use a VPN on their entire site , and with good reason.

9. Torrentz2 – Ultra-fast torrent finder

  • A quick way to find little-known torrent sites
  • No frills links to 60 million files.
  • Did we already say it was fast?

Torrentz2 is a basic, no-frills torrent search engine that hardly contains more than a home page with a search box. It just scans all the torrent sites in their database for a certain keyword, and it shows all the different sites that offer the archive.

Then just head over to the site hosting the torrent file or the magnet link directly.

Despite being just a search engine and not providing links to copyrighted material, Torrentz has also run into its fair share of legal issues and ended up shutting down. Torrentz2.eu, its current incarnation, indexes more than 60 million torrents on the Internet.

10. TorLock – Verified Directory and Search Engine

  • Track competitor torrent sites
  • Large number of seeds.
  • Warnings about the need for a VPN

This site is another basic option that loads torrents from all over the internet using a robot to browse and aggregate them.

The site is not as intuitive as it should be and the download links can be misleading and difficult to find, but they still feature an impressive list of titles, including movies, music, software, and TV shows.

11. Zooqle – Movies and shows in all resolutions

  • Torrents are verified before being listed.
  • Has no ads or pop-ups
  • Supposedly DCMA compliant

Zooqle is an indexing site that focuses on movies and TV shows , but also offers a range of other types of media, including games, software, and e-books. The site has a well-organized gallery-based view, which allows you to select from a range of resolutions. It also displays the torrent content on the website, even before clicking download.

The site claims not to host any copyright or illegal information and may have managed to retain your domain name by removing the torrents at the request of copyright owners.

12. Torrentseeker – Another solid search engine

  • Search engine that interrogates a wide range of sites.
  • Google-style design and results
  • Very little technical information

Torrentseeker is another lightweight torrent search engine that claims to interrogate a large number of sources, including language-specific niches and sites. That means that this site you are googling can definitely save you a bit of time in crawling those files you are looking for.

Unfortunately, the search results provide little technical information other than the name and site where the torrent can be found, so it won’t help you track down those big seeders.

How to use a torrent downloader

Finding a good torrent site is only half the battle, you will also need to download a torrent client , which is the software on your computer that communicates, sends and receives fragments of the files that you are downloading with everyone else who wants them. or have them.

There are many options, many of which flood you with ads and also push you to buy professional or paid features. We recommend Bittorrent . It is free, without ads and has everything you need.

Usually after installation the client will work right away and you will not have to change any settings. Now, simply navigate to your chosen torrent site and click on the magnetic link or download the selected torrent file. Your torrent client should automatically notice this and start downloading the file as soon as you confirm via a dialog box.

Depending on the popularity of the torrent, the size of the file and the strength of your Internet connection, you will soon have a downloaded file ready on your computer. It is best to do a virus scan on all download files before opening them. Enjoy yourself!

Are torrent sites safe?

Since torrents are a peer-to-peer network , there is no complete security guarantee, no matter what website you visit. With the many torrent site closures and the multitude of fake or copycat sites , chances are high that you will stumble.

Just keep in mind that common sense (combined with a solid VPN ) is one of your best defenses. If a link takes you somewhere you didn’t expect to go, or something doesn’t look good, then it’s probably not good.

Make sure you scan downloaded files with an antivirus before opening them, and that all your traffic is through a solid VPN that won’t sell your data for easy money.

Torrenting with Nord VPN

Not all VPNs are torrent friendly, so it’s a good idea to do your research and use the free trial periods before pulling out your wallet. This mainly depends on the country in which the VPN is registered.

Fortunately, there are still VPNs that allow torrenting. We have chosen Nord over others.

NordVPN – Their strict no-logs policy will keep you anonymous

With more than 4,600 servers located around the world,  NordVPN has consolidated its status as one of the major deals VPNs in the world. The system will detect when you are running torrent downloads and will recommend using one of its specialized P2P servers.  

Available on a wide range of devices and equipped with military-grade encryption protocols, NordVPN does not keep logs so that users can protect their identity while accessing the service as they wish. NordVPN has fast download speeds and no bandwidth limits. The service also comes with DNS leak protection and an automatic disconnect.


Torrent downloads can be a minefield, but it can also be the easiest, most convenient, and fastest way to share files on the internet.

All you need is to make sure to protect yourself with ad blockers, antivirus, and a VPN. A good serving of common sense will also take you a long way.

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