Six Huge Websites That Can Boost Your Traffic

There are no traffic jams along the extra mile – Roger Staubach.

When it comes to digital marketing, nothing could be more relevant than this line.

Everyone preaches about being different and doing things differently, however, few internet marketers make an effort to do things differently when they are under pressure to deliver more traffic in less budget. We all have a habit of promoting content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

However, there are millions of websites that could be relevant to your business, but very few marketers pay attention to them.

Here I am going to suggest 6 websites that have a huge membership and unique visitors per month, but are still not used by most marketers. If you develop a sound strategy and be consistent in your implementation, it can help you generate sustained traffic to your website.

You also have an advantage of less competition and more ROI as compared to other well-known platforms like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc.

6 Top Sites That Will Boost Traffic To Your Website Or Blog

There are lots of sites, however I have picked 6 top sites that have seen massive growth recently and explain how you can exploit them to boost relevant site to your website. So., move quickly and get started before these sites get crowded.

#1. SlideShare

With 250 million visitors per month, SlideShare can prove to be an ultimate traffic booster for any kind of business. B2B businesses that invest in producing useful content on SlideShare generate 500% more qualified leads than Facebook or Twitter. Despite this astounding ROI, only 17% of marketers have a sound SlideShare strategy.

These figures should be enough to convince you why you should develop a SlideShare strategy right now.

You have a great opportunity to attack an unsaturated platform to drive qualified leads for your business before everyone else jumps in.

The best thing about SlideShare is that your customers would love it. By creating compelling slides that contain useful information, you project yourself as an authority in a particular industry.  You can also embed the slides into HTML blog posts and cater to a completely different audience, thus improving ROI on your content.

I know many internet marketing beginners who have adopted only SlideShare as their content strategy and have accomplished much more than an average marketer.

Get started on Slide Share before it gets too late.

#2. Forbes

Most of the Forbes articles rank on the first page of Google for relevant, popular and high competition keywords. There are millions of direct visitors on the website. Forbes brand reaches 280 million people worldwide.

According to an October 2019 report by NewsWhip, Forbes was the most popular publisher on LinkedIn with over 450,000 shares. The number of people connected to the Forbes brand across various social media channels is about 56 million.

The best part is you can take advantage of the huge readership of Forbes. You need to make a lot of efforts to get that rank on Google for your website. However, you can easily take advantage of higher ranking of Forbes and by diverting some qualified traffic to your site from

Everyone can’t contribute on Forbes but anyone can generate traffic from the site. You need to be a little creative. Search for the topics that are relevant for your business. Write valuable comments that encourage discussions.

You should not just copy and paste a standard message or write generic messages like “Great Article, I loved the suggestions” etc. Try to raise some pertinent questions related to the content or share your opinion or experiences.

If you do it intelligently you will have a flood of traffic on your website.

Before you start commenting, do take a note of Forbes’ policy of commenting. The site allows a maximum of 2 links in their comments. So ensure you need to follow their policy to get your comments approved by the moderator.

#3. Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed is very popular among youth. The website gets most of its audience from social networking sites especially Facebook. The media company is known for creating compelling, funny and viral content.

Buzzfeed also allows you to contribute your content to their platform. If your target audience is youth, you can definitely take advantage of Buzzfeed. Create awesome content with a backlink to your website and submit it on Buzzfeed. If their team finds your article appealing, your content will get published.

Once published on Buzzfeed, your site will not only get a great backlink but it will also help you in generating consistent traffic to your website.

#4. IMDb

IMDb is a niche site. It is only about movies and TV. But it has a huge audience base. However, not everyone can take advantage of its traffic.  If your audience belong to this category you could drive a lot of traffic and engagement from IMDb.

This is how you can do it:

IMDb has very active forum. Users across the world ask movies and TV related queries on the forum. However, you should not start posting comments with your website link right away. It gives an impression to other users that you are a spammer and finally your profile may be blocked. 

You need to first start engaging with other users by answering their questions or asking relevant questions. Once you have written 20-30 posts, you should create a new thread with the link to your website. Success at this platform requires that you be genuine while creating new threads and engage in real conversations.

Once you master this forum you can generate tons of traffic from IMDb.

#5. Quora

Quora is a community site where you can ask any questions or get answers to your questions. Established in 2010, Quora has seen steady growth over the years. As of January 2020, Quora has 500 million unique visitors per month. Quora’s recent strategy to award Knowledge Prizes is going to expand the user base quickly.

Marketers can take advantage of Quora in a subtle manner. When you do a quick search of your keywords on Quora, you will realize that lots of questions have been asked on Quora.

Some of them are answered appropriately while many of them still don’t have an answer or the answers are not very effective. There you need to jump in. You should answer questions that are relevant to your business.

Also search for questions related to your filed. If the questions are not already asked by other users, you can put the same questions and generate a conversation. 

#6. BusinessInsider

Business Insider attracts a global audience. You should adopt a similar strategy suggested for You can put your comments on relevant articles to engage in conversation.

The added advantage is, you can link your username to your website. This strategy helps in SEO as well as generating relevant traffic to your website.


There are hundreds of sites in your niche that can boost your site’s traffic exponentially. If strategically planned the referral traffic in Google Analytics may exceed the organic and social combined. However, you must not rush to publish content everywhere.

Spend 40% of your time planning carefully and spotting the right website for you. Develop specific content for each segment of websites. And push it strategically to maximize the impact.    

Remember, best marketers win big while average marketers struggle to succeed. If you want to achieve more in less budget and efforts, you must take advantage of unsaturated platforms creatively.

And one last thing, here I am going to reveal a secret for which you will thank me later. After trying hundreds of sites, I have come up with a list of four sites that can boost your site’s traffic immediately.

Unlike others, posting on these sites doesn’t take many efforts. Start posting on these community sites and share your experiences through the comments.

Hello, I am a proactive and dependable professional web designer, blogger, and wordpress developer with 2+ years of experience.

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