66 Questions to Ask Bloggers On Interviews

Interviews are great ways to attract visitors. I know that because I’ve visited a blog more then once, because they had an interview with someone I followed in my feed reader. I’ve subscribed to quite a few blogs this way. They can also be a good source of authority links if the questions are well thought.

My problem though, was that I didn’t know what questions I should ask them. So I’ve given it some thought and you can find the result below. Now, don’t just copy-paste questions from here and think you’re done. Read the entire blog of the person being interviewed, learn as much as you can about them, see what other questions they’ve been asked in interviews in the past, and then think of questions that match the subject of your own blog.

Here are the best 66 Questions to Ask Bloggers On Interviews

1. How long did it take you to start seeing results on your blog?

2. What are your favorite methods of monetization?

3. How many different advertising programs are you using and which are they?

4. When did you start blogging?

5. How many hours do you dedicate to your blog daily?

6. How many pageviews does your blog generate daily?

7. How much money does your blog make?

8. How many RSS feeds do you read?

9. What’s the biggest blogging mistake you did?

10. What methods of promotion have you used to grow your blog?

11. What was the most effective method of promotion you used?

12. How long should a blogger wait before monetizing his blog? Right away or after he grows his readership?

13. How frequently do you post?

14. Do you prefer full or partial RSS feed?

15. What tools do you use as a blogger?

16. What are your favorite blogs?

17. Besides your current blog, do you have any other online projects?

18. On your very first blog, what was the first post about? Can you give a link to it?

19. Has blogging affected your personal/family life in any way?

20. What is the most challenging part of blogging for you? (dealing with comment spam, post ideas, writing long posts, promotion, etc)

21. What is your favorite statistics package? (Google Analytics, Pmetrics, 103bees, etc)

22. Do you still work a 9-5 job or are you living from the money you make online?

23. What is your blog’s mission?

24. Could you give some tips for bloggers that want to do this for a living?

25. Full time blogging, is it something everyone can do?

26. What is the secret to your success, expressed in one word?

27. If you would loose all your search engine traffic tomorrow, how bad would you be affected?

28. What part of blogging do you enjoy most?

29. What part of making money online do you enjoy least?

30. How do you find new post ideas?

31. What type of posts do you use mostly? (short news, tips, interviews, lists, etc)

32. How much experience did you have in making money online when you started writing about it? (or in copywriting, blogging, or whatever the subject of his blog is)

33. Do you consider yourself successful?

34. What would you do different with your blog, if you knew then what you know now?

35. What was the most fun article to write?

36. How do you relax in your free time?

37. What is your blog about, and why should my readers go check it out?

38. How did you start blogging?

39. What less known blogs would you recommend to people trying to make money online?

40. Facebook or Google+? Which do you prefer?

41. Do you prefer 1,2,3 or 4 column themes?

42. What is the most common mistake you see other  bloggers do?

43. What forums/blogs did you read, to learn how to make money online?

44. Do you set goals for yourself and your blog? If so, which are they?

45. How often do you check your traffic/money earned statistics?

46. Do you do payed reviews? What do you think of them?

47. How many domains do you own?

48. How aggressive should a blogger be in his promotion efforts?

49.  Do you use guest posting as a method of promoting your blog?

50. Did you ever held a contest on your blog? If you did, what were the results?

51. Tell me one thing you would change about your blog.

52. Did you optimize your blog for search engines?

53. What are your favorite plugins?

54. What are your thoughts on the DoFollow movement?

55. Do you use any desktop blogging tools? (Windows Live Writer, BlogDesk, Ecto, ScribeFire, etc)

56. What is your favorite place to blog? (at home, park, cafe, etc)

57. Did you try convincing your friends to make money online or to start blogging?

58. In two years, where do you see yourself and your blog?

59. Do you let readers know when you post affiliate links?

60. Did blogging change you in any way? How?

61. What are the most successful articles you’ve had so far?

62. Do you write about yourself on your blog, or you keep it strictly professional?

63. What’s the last book you read?

64. What’s the blogger that you respect most?

65. How much time do you spend developing new sites vs maintaining old ones?

66. If you could give one tip to beginner bloggers, what would it be?

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