10 Best Free Mangastream Alternative Sites to Read Manga Comics

Mangastream is the most popular website where they share translated manga comics in image forms. You can easily read all your favorite manga comics in your local language from the mangastream website.

Mangastream was the biggest online manga directory. They had over 100,000 manga comics and they keep updating their latest episodes on a weekly basis.

Over 40 Million people visited their website every month. Now you have an idea about how popular mangastream is. If you love reading mangas online in the English language or any other local language then you don’t have to worry about mangastream ban.

There are many mangastream alternative sites that provide mangas in the English language as good as mangastream does. I have shared the best 10 handpicked sites from where you can read your favorite manga comics in your desired language.

Most of the sites, update all the latest manga episodes on a weekly basis.

Why is Mangastream down or not accessible?

Due to copyright issues from publishers, mangastream appears to be offline from the last few months. Their twitter handle and Facebook page are no longer available. But you don’t have to worry about mangastream site down.

You still can read your favorite manga comics through alternative sites. There are dozens of mangastream alternative sites to read manga comics for free.

You can read the most famous manga’s Dragon Ball, One Piece, Inuyasha, Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note, Fruits Basket, etc from these popular mangastream alternative sites for free.

I have spent hours searching these awesome mangastream alternative sites so that you can read your favorite Japanese comics in your own language without any issue.

These sites provide high-resolution image quality and proper translation in the English language as same as mangastream. You won’t see any such noticeable difference between mangastream and these alternative websites.

List of Best Mangastream Alternatives Sites to Read Manga Stream Comics Online for Free

Enjoy this amazing mangastream, manga rock, and jaiminisbox alternative sites list to read free manga comics without paying anything.



Website Link: https://mangadex.org/

Mangadex, over 80 million visitors a month on their site explains everything. The best mangastream alternative out there at this point in my opinion.

You can get almost every manga comic on mangadex absolutely free. You don’t need to pay or even sign up to download manga.

You may see some of the colored versions of manga comics on mangadex as well. They don’t only provide manga comics in the English language but also in twenty other languages as well. Such as Spanish, Arabic, French, Italian, etc, which makes mangadex the best alternative site.

Mangadex has one of the largest manga readers community with over 50 million users. You can join that community and share your thoughts as well on manga comics.

The User interface is great, they don’t use any kind of third-party ads, they have the most active forum for manga readers ever, have over 100,000 of manga comics, over 100 genres to choose, and many more.

You don’t have to download pdf’s to read manga, they have embedded all the manga comics directly to the web pages. Just select your favorite manga, click on it, and enjoy your free manga comics. As simple as that.


Website Link: https://ww3.mangafox.online

MangaFox is one of the best mangastream alternatives. They have over 50 genres to choose from. You can read almost every manga comic from this website without paying anything or signup.

They have over 30000+ Manga comics available in the English language on this website to read for free. Which makes Mangafox the best manga stream alternative.

They have sections called Most viewed, new manga, genres, etc to choose the best popular manga comics to read. This makes your search easier if you are looking for new and popular manga comics.


Website Link: https://kissmanga.com

Kissmanga, another free online comic site to read manga comics. They have over 100,000 manga comics available in the English language to read.

You can read all your favorite manga comics from this website without any subscription or any registration.

The only drawback of this mangastream alternative is they use 3rd party pop-ads. These ads are super annoying to work with, but for free scanlation manga comics, it’s worth it.



Website Link: http://www.mangareader.net/

Mangareader is another one of the best mangastream alternatives. They have over 20 Million hits on their website every month.

You can read manga comics in the English language from a mangareader without any subscription plan. It is a free and legal way to read manga comics in the English language online.

On the homepage, you have filters like A to Z Manga list, Today’s manga, Yesterday’s manga, old, new, and they even have hentai games online for free to play.

The best part about mangareader is you don’t have to download any kind of pdf or file to read manga comics. Everything is available directly on their website page. You can literally read online manga comic directly from their site.



Website Link: https://w11.mangafreak.net/

Mangafreak, another mangastream alternative, having over 100,000 copies of manga comics available to download or read in the English language.

Mangafreak has one of the largest collections of manga comics online. They provide such comics for free without any subscriptions. They use advertisements to earn some revenue.

Mangafreak has over 50+ genres to choose your favorite manga comic, such as action, adventure, animated, ecchi, horror, magic, etc.

They are sharing comic files on their own server, which makes downloading such manga comic pdf’s super easy and fast. This makes mangafreak, one of the best mangastream alternative.



Website Link: https://www.mangatown.com/

Mangatown has over 8 million page views a month on their website. You can have an idea about this mangastream alternative site’s popularity.

They have over a million Facebook users registered with their site. You can read most of the manga comic on mangatown.

More than 90% of manga comics are available on mangatown is free except some (which are paid).

They have over 50 genres to choose from, sections like hot mangas, complete manga comics list from A to Z and also have a section where you can see the top trending mangas over time.

You don’t have to download the full manga pdf file to read on mangatown. They are using a cloud reading (they actually embed manga comics pdf file to their web pages) feature, where you can literally read manga comics without downloading it.



Website Link: http://mangaowl.com/

MangaOwl is very popular among manga readers for so long. They frequently update all the latest manga comics to their site.

Mangaowl has over 100,000 mangas available online for free. They have over 5 million page views a month, which is huge and describe their popularity among manga readers.

You can read everything on mangaowl from action to yuri. With such a huge database, they have a nice and simple user interface and they do not use third party ads like pop-ups, which makes mangaowl one of the best mangastream alternative sites.

Apart from everything, they have a discussion section or a forum, where you can interact with thousands of manga readers and also request for new manga.



Website Link: https://mangapark.net/

Mangapark is a great mangastream alternative with over 20 million manga readers a month, which makes mangapark one of the best mangastream alternatives.

Mangapark has a huge manga collection over 100,000 copies available to read in various languages. You’ll get your favorite manga without having any issue on mangapark for sure.

The user interface is pretty simple, you’ll see the latest manga releases on the homepage itself and over 80 genres make your search easier.

Mangapark has various mirror sites to access such as mangawindow, bato.to, etc, if your ISP’s block the URL.

The best part about mangapark is you can load up to 10 images in advance, which makes your reading super smooth. You don’t have to wait for your next image to load up. It’ll automatically load in your cache while you are reading.



Website Link: http://www.mangapanda.com/

Mangapanda, a great alternative of mangastream with over 15 million manga readers every month. Mangapanda has a huge fan base, huge community, super clean straightforward user interface.

You don’t have to pay, sign-up, register, sign-in, or anything like that to read manga on mangapanda. Mangas are available in more than 10 languages on mangapanda.

You can easily navigate mangas with arrow keys that makes the great reading experience on mangapanda.

They have the advance search feature, where you can search your favorite mangas with the help of various filters like genre, manga type (manga or manhwa), and manga status (ongoing or complete).



Website Link: http://www.tenmanga.com/

Another brilliant mangastream alternative for manga readers. Tenmanga has over 3 million visitors a month, which is not bad at all.

Super clean interface with no third party advertisement makes tenmanga to get a spot in our mangastream alternatives list.

Tenmanga provides various old copies of manga that are not available on any other manga stream site makes this site valuable too.

Some features of Tenmanga’s are:

  • High-quality manga images
  • Load up to 10 images per page
  • Clean UI
  • Top Mangas List

They have relatively small manga collection as compared to other manga streams. Besides that, they have sections like popular mangas, new mangas, etc on their top header bar.

They also have a mobile app available to download only for android and ios devices. You can download their mobile app from here.


These are the best handpicked mangastream alternative sites. All the sites are free to use, you can read all the popular mangas in your local language from these sites.

Stay tuned with us, we update this list frequently.

If you are facing any kind of difficulties accessing mangas then let us know through the comment section or you can contact us through our contact page (located in the footer bar).

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