Top 10 Sites to Download Movies & TV Shows Subtitles Free in 2022

With the arrival of services with Netflix, Amazon Prime, or the constant offers of digital platforms such as Hulu or Crackle, it is less and less profitable to download or record TV series on your own. Because we already know that putting subtitles, on certain occasions, is not exactly easy.

But there are times when you have acquired a certain content and need subtitles, either in Spanish or English.

For example, if you have bought a blu-ray series with no subtitles, you want to see it in its original version, and you need English subtitles. Or you have recorded it on TV in OV, but you want to see it with English subtitles to practice the language. 

You may also be a fan of the anime that uses to buy series on Amazon Japan that is not broadcast in the USA, and sigh for subtitles to see them.

Many subtitle websites on the InterNet, but many of them are riddled with advertising and even contain viruses and spyware. We will show you more or less stable pages that have been offering this service for a long time and do not flood with advertising.

We have given preference to those that offer subtitles in English. Still, we also include some with subtitles in English, because as we have mentioned, many people use them to practice the language. 

We appreciate that they do not require registration to download subtitles and allow advanced or simultaneous searches, offering accurate results. Finally, we’ve ruled out some prevalent ones, but they add torrents or direct downloads to get the chapter or the entire movie.

I have researched dozens of subtitle downloading sites and choose these amazing sites for you, so you can easily download your subtitle without any trouble.

So, let us start our list with Enjoy! is an international website specialized in subtitles in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

It has around 280,000 subtitles, but only about 13,500 are Spanish. Most are in English, French, and, surprisingly, Greek.

A series of tabs allow you to check the latest subtitles uploaded and the most popular content. You can even download song lyrics, hum them, or find out what counts.

The cards are self-explanatory and complete, with all the technical data of each subtitle and the possibility of voting if they are well synchronized and translated. There are also chapter tables for each season, and a flag shows you the languages ​​available at a glance.

Still, it is not a website where subtitles are published quickly, not even in English.

In its favor are the little advertising and the fact that you can download and upload your own subtitles without registering.


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Another website that any fan of subtitles will recommend is Addic7ed. Please note that it specializes in series; there are no movies or other video content.

Addic7ed is available in English. Although it contains subtitles in our language, it may be better for locating subtitles in Spanish. But with most series, there is multi-language support.

The search engine allows searching by series and season. There is also a rating system for the chapters, although not for the subtitles themselves. Most are offered in STR format, which is the most common, recognizable by all players.

The download is direct, without the need to register. When a translation is corrected or updated, an additional download button appears, indicating this.

It also has a series catalog and an emission grid, with the times in some countries.


If you only need subtitles in Spanish, we complete the trio of veteran and more or less stable websites with Subdivx.

As its name suggests, its origin dates back to the first digital video formats that became popular more than a decade ago.

Little by little, Subdivx has evolved, and in some respects, it is already more of a forum on series and movies, but it still maintains its large section dedicated to subtitles. Accumulates almost half a million subtitles in English and 420,000 registered users. In total, almost 500 million subtitles have been downloaded.

The search engine allows you to locate information in the subtitles section, the process section (translation), and the forums. You can get them without registering, although you must wait 10 seconds for the advertising to passing.

The tabs for each subtitle are a bit empty, although you can see the translator’s country of origin, so you know if it is European or American Spanish.

Please note that many subtitles are pulled directly from other subtitle websites such as OpenSubtitles. Sometimes they improve them, and other times they are the same.

Easy Subtitles

Here you have a different proposal.

Easy Subtitles save you from searching for subtitles because she takes care of everything. All you have to do is drag the video to the front page of the web. If it finds a match, it alerts you.

Our tests have worked relatively well with known titles and as long as its name matches the subtitles that appear in its database. If you rename them, they can no longer find them. On the other hand, something is logical because it only checks the name of the file.

It lets you search for up to 20 subtitles at the same time. Accumulates 382,000 subtitles, and approximately 10% are in Spanish. The majority of languages ​​are English and Portuguese.

In short, an interesting page if you are bored looking for subtitles, but do not expect accurate results if you use to rename your videos.

Subtitle Seeker

If you are looking for the best subtitle websites for a little-known series or movie, sometimes it isn’t easy to trace one by one all that exists until you find them.

It is more practical to use a subtitle finder like SubtitleSeeker. This page indexes more than 8 million subtitles from the most popular websites. So he looks for them for you in different places.

Its main handicap is that it does not allow searches by language. You have no choice but to search by title, and only when you see the list of results or enter its tab do you discover if they are available in the language you need.

Once located, it takes you to the original website, which is available to download since SubtitleSeeeker is only a search engine.

An interesting alternative to locate minority titles.

With an approach very similar to,  stands out for its clear interface and little advertising abuse.

It has more than 200,000 subtitles, but only 3,000 are in Spanish, so it is more appropriate for locating English subtitles. It focuses exclusively on series and has subtitles for more than 78,000 chapters from almost 2,000 series.

The most interesting is the filter that allows you to show only the language you prefer.

The search engine is very fast, although it does not warn if there are no subtitles until you enter the tab (after three or four clicks) and you cannot find them.

Any user can upload their own subtitles, and there are options to vote for their quality or send a complaint if they are of low quality.


It may seem cheap to recommend a generic search engine to find subtitles. But the reality is that as long as Google does not block this type of content, using its search engine remains one of the most effective and fastest ways to find series subtitles without resorting to the slow and confusing search engines typical of specialized websites.

The trick is to find the name of the video whose subtitles you want to find and add the extension .str, which is usually the most popular subtitle format. Google will locate the subtitle websites that offer it.

It works quite well with English subtitles, but you can also add Spanish, SP, or Spanish to the search (or another language) to filter the results further.

In most cases, it will take you to the rest of the subtitle websites that we have collected in this article.

Subs Wiki

A Wiki that collects subtitles from different sites, in addition to accumulating their own. It is quite updated and accepts both movies and series.

You can search by catalog or by title or follow the most active translators.

Interestingly, it notes when the translation is edited, so you know if the subtitles are new or take time without improving them.

Anyone can participate by providing translations, but there are a series of rules related to the nomenclature, the size of the sentences, and the words that it is recommended to omit (pronouns, tails, etc.).

It is the turn of one of the best series and movie subtitle websites, OpenSubtitles. It is a veteran page that treasures almost 3.5 million subtitles in a large number of languages.

OpenSubtitles is in Spanish and boasts some functions that other services of this type do not offer. For example, it allows advanced searches by genre, score, or year and searches more than one language or more than one title at the same time. You can also receive search results by mail or RSS.

Advertising is not abusive, and you don’t need to register to download subtitles.

As it is a structured database, the seasons’ nomenclature and the chapters are the same for everyone. Each title follows the scheme Series – Chapter name – SxxxExx, where S refers to the season, E to the chapter, and xx is the number. Thus S03E12 means season 3, chapter 12.

The search engine is complete, with options to search by language, country, genre, seasons, partial text, date it was uploaded, etc.

The same tab groups all the subtitles for the same chapter, uploaded by different people. Users can vote to reveal the best translations and those not worth it because they are not faithful or do not synchronize well with the image.

If you do not find the subtitles you need, you can make requests to encourage someone to create them.


These are the best subscene alternatives I have searched over the internet. If you need subtitles in English, Hindi, Spanish, or any international language, you can easily find those from these free sites.

If you face any issues while accessing these sites or downloading subtitles, let us know in the comment section.

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