What is Craft CMS? Craft CMS vs WordPress 2021

The Craft CMS company offers an effective solution to create an eCommerce, therefore, it is appropriate that you meet Craft Commerce. It is a practical and simple solution to create and customize your online store. You can incorporate registration forms, shopping cart, manage products, prices, coupons, etc. The content manager allows you to design an intuitive, responsive, attractive interface that helps capture the attention of visitors and generate conversions.

What is the Craft Commerce content manager?

Craft Commerce is a content manager that allows you to develop e-commerce or virtual stores, created by the Pixel & Tonic company, now known as Craft CMS. It is characterized by its easy configuration to manage any electronic commerce effectively.

Craft Commerce is a platform for web developers, with the plus that it is built in open source, so you can modify the core of the software to your liking.

The platform offers entrepreneurs two plans to create an ecommerce:

  • Lite . With this plan you can market a single product, it also supports payment gateways, coupons, taxes, you even have the option of receiving donations, all this for an annual price of $ 199. To have access to subsequent updates, the company offers an annual plan of $ 39.
  • Pro . With this plan you have access to the full range of functionalities to sell online, for example, customer management, store API, email marketing, order management, statistics, etc. To enjoy this package, you must pay $ 999 for the annual plan, also if you want to receive subsequent updates you have to cancel an amount of $ 199 per year.

What are the main features of Craft Commerce?

Here are the main features of Craft Commerce:

1. It is a secure platform

Craft Commerce is characterized by offering barriers against attacks from malicious users who seek to steal customer information. The company has a team dedicated to monitoring and reviewing potential security threats, so you can dedicate all your effort to your e-commerce.

2. Use templates

The platform uses a Twig template engine that allows you to compile PHP code and define your own tags. It offers the possibility of modifying the templates, with the plus that it notifies where the errors are. On the other hand, it is easy to learn and optimized for web programmers.

Craft Commerce also provides the GraphQL API, the software allows you to create applications to sell and offer answers about products, prices, promotions, etc., to customers through their smartphones.

3. Advanced options in SEO

Craft Commerce incorporates the versatile SEOmatic plugin to manage SEO in your online store. It allows automatic and manual configurations that contribute to bring organic and qualified traffic to your ecommerce, this helps to increase the chances of generating conversions.

4. Responsive technology

Any potential customer can enter your e-commerce from any computer, laptop, smart device, which guarantees that they interact with the contents of your online store.

5. It is scalable

This aspect is important, your ecommerce can grow quietly, adding any type of functionality without affecting the performance of your website. For example, you can add a chatbot, newsletters, increase the offer of products, orders, etc. In this sense, on the company page you can access the various add-ons, some are free and others are paid, which allow you to extend the features of the content manager.

6. Supports third-party plugins

Although Craft Commerce offers its own plugins, you can add third-party plugins, you even have the option of developing your own modules, which allows you to expand the functionalities of your ecommerce.

7. Use framework

Craft Commerce is developed in Yii, which is a framework that supports the controller view model, this allows working on the frontend and backend side. It is also very efficient, since it eliminates repetitive tasks and you can create cleaner and lighter codes in less time. With the plus that it is compatible with the most popular database managers on the market such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc., simplifying the operations of creating, reading, modifying and deleting records.

What are the advantages of Craft Commerce?

Then I mention the advantages of the platform:

  • It’s easy to use. Manipulating Craft Commerce is simple, its interface is simple and practical. It also offers a control panel where you can add, code and customize the elements of your online store.
  • It is lightweight . It is another significant feature of Craft Commerce, it is a lightweight code that does not affect the performance of the server. What’s more, only use the scripts and plugins that you decide to implement in your ecommerce.
  • Integration with web analytics . The platform offers tools to measure the status of your ecommerce in terms of: number of conversions, conversion rate, monthly sales, number of visits your online store receives. You can also integrate Craft Commerce with Google Analytics to obtain other metrics.
  • It is customizable . This advantage is very useful, because you can create an interface adapted to your target audience, which invites you to interact with the ecommerce content. In fact, it supports HTML5, CSS, and any web technology to create dynamic pages.

What are the limitations of Craft Commerce?

For users who do not have knowledge in the subject of web development it is not advisable, because the content manager allows you to create an ecommerce from scratch. That is, starting from a base template where you will incorporate the menus, forms, windows, pages, etc., using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, combining it with the PHP programming language. Craft Commece is ideal for advanced users with skills and abilities in web programming

Another limitation that the platform has is that to use all the potential that the content manager offers, it is necessary to have a significant budget. That is, you must pay for the license and some accessories that are essential to successfully run your ecommerce.

It can be established that, if you are looking to manage an online store to market products and services, Craft Commerce can be a smart and reliable option.

List of advantages of Craft CMS over WordPress

Here are the advantages of Craft CMS over WordPress:

1. Offers greater security

60% of the websites in the world are made in WordPress, for this reason, this platform receives a number of attacks from computer hackers. In addition, each plugin represents a possible gateway that puts web pages at risk.

In this sense, Craft CMS has a group of security experts who frequently review the configuration of the platform to evaluate possible gaps. On the other hand, with this technology the developer has control of the source code which allows creating scripts instead of manipulating the software.

Also, you can update the platform with just one click to incorporate security improvements and bug fixes, you must be aware of the notifications from Craft CMS.

2. Presents advanced options in SEO

Craft CMS has surpassed WordPress in this regard, due to the fact that it uses the SEOmatic plugin that allows you to create site maps for all search engines. Its technology contributes to optimizing all aspects of SEO such as link title, meta description tag, alt attribute, etc. This ensures that search engines detect your digital space more efficiently.

3. It is flexible

The platform adapts to the client’s needs, this is an advantage, since it allows you to design your website to suit you. Craft CMS is content-oriented, therefore, you can customize your website, add and change interface elements, this helps you differentiate yourself from competing blogs. In other words, as a web programmer you can take advantage of all the features that the content manager offers.

4. It is easy to use

Craft CMS simplifies the construction of the website, due to the fact that its interface is simple, adapted and created to the requirements of the company. With just a few clicks you can create a menu and add content seamlessly. With the plus that as an administrator you can view the content section and preview the page at the same time.

In the case of WordPress, it incorporates a series of elements that in some cases are unnecessary, this generates complication in the field of the interface to edit its content.

5. Loading speed

It is one of the greatest advantages that Craft CMS offers compared to WordPress, because it is a light code, which makes the hosting have an optimal performance. Keep in mind that the response speed of a web page is an important aspect that search engines value to position a portal in the first search results.

List of disadvantages of Craft CMS compared to WordPress

Obviously, as every Craft CMS platform has some disadvantages, I will mention them below:

1. Few accessories

In this section WordPress offers more than 56,000 plugins to incorporate any functionality that you can think of on your website, therefore it far exceeds Craft CMS. With the plus that several are free to use and fully meet the needs of users.

In the case of Craft CMS you have two alternatives to add plugins, the first is to program the extensions yourself or pay for them. In this sense, if you want to know the content manager add-ons, you must enter the company’s official site.

2. It is a CMS for developers

Remember that Craft CMS the user develops the web page, starting from a base template. Therefore you need skills and abilities in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, database managers to create your blog. In other words, it is a content manager for people with deep knowledge on the subject of web development.

3. Cost of the license

I consider it to be the biggest disadvantage, when changing the license and using some add-ons to expand the CMS functionalities the costs increase enormously. Therefore, the content manager is for users and companies that have a considerable budget.

Even to receive personalized support you must subscribe to some of these plans:

  • Basic. It is a free plan.
  • Pro. In this case you are going to cancel $ 75 per month.
  • Cousin. You have to pay a sum of $ 750 per month.

For example, the Premium plan offers the following:

  • Priority support via email.
  • Guaranteed response time the first time of 2 hours. In the case of a situation on weekends, the response is 12 hours or less.

With this information you have valuable criteria to weigh the choice of Craft CMS as a content manager to create your web page. If you are a programmer, I consider that this platform is for you, since you can adjust your design according to your needs and not to the characteristics of the CMS.

In summary, Craft Commerce is an alternative to create your online store to suit you. It is a content manager that allows you to manage an eCommerce, and adjusts to the requirements of the company. You also have the possibility to build your own modules and extensions to expand the user experience. 

You can manage your e-commerce, that is, create a shopping cart, orders, articles, customers, suppliers, coupons, shipment tracking, among others. It even supports third-party applications such as web analytics tools, email marketing, etc.

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