Best plugins to protect AdSense from invalid traffic

Did you know that your Google AdSense account can be blocked due to excessive or invalid traffic? Don’t worry, all is not lost as this can be reversed. The first thing to know is that you need to know and understand the policies of the ad program so that you avoid making mistakes and getting in trouble with your advertising partners. Therefore, in this post I explain which are the best plugins to protect AdSense from invalid traffic .

Advertisers are cautious when it comes to erroneous traffic and as a publisher it is imperative that you implement the necessary measures to avoid risking losing them. Otherwise, you can stop receiving a large amount of economic benefits necessary for you to continue with your web projects. Although there is a long list of infractions you can commit, most of it boils down to inappropriate visitors that you should avoid.

What is invalid traffic for Google AdSense?

Invalid traffic to Google AdSense refers to visitors who click on an ad but actually come from a fraudulent strategy to be recognized as such. For example, the term refers to advertising scams that can occur as a result of bots.

Bots are computer systems programmed to carry out different activities, including fraudulent advertising processes. For example, impersonating visitors and clicking on one or more ads to be validated by advertisers and you can receive your commission.

Invalid traffic also refers to traffic from certain countries that should not see the ads, much less click on them. For example, it is widely applied in local advertising marketing strategies where visitors from specific regions are needed.

Plugins to protect AdSense from invalid traffic

There are several plugins that you should know to protect yourself from invalid traffic to AdSense and here are some of them:


Sekurity is a Google approved ad fraud protection service with a certified algorithm. It is one of the most popular in the world and allows you to keep genuine users without risking being blocked.

This platform offers you a standard package whose approximate cost is $ 10 per month, as well as a business package whose price you should consult directly with the company. In addition, it offers you the following features:

  • Quick setup in minutes without using encryption, for which you just have to follow the settings wizard.
  • Quick registration so you can enjoy the service and increase your conversions by up to 33%.
  • Quick analysis of each click made on the ads to identify the real ones and block those that come from a fraudulent system.
  • Compatibility with various content processors such as WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, among others.
  • It integrates properly with e-commerce platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Shopify, among others.
  • It works with several payment gateways to facilitate access to money safely, for example: Stripe, Paypal, Square, among others.
  • It integrates seamlessly with Google analytics.
  • It analyzes the fingerprints of the visitors in real time and in case of any IP address change it blocks that traffic.
  • Real-time communication with advertisements via API.

PPC Protect

With PPC Protect you can recover up to 13 times the cost of the service by improving your performance, avoiding paying for the clicks of the competition and taking care of bots and invalid visitors.

This platform offers you simple prices that are based on the advertising investment you make monthly. You can try everything it offers for 14 days for free and then you have the option to choose the Essential plan for $ 70 per month or $ 80 per year.

Whatever your option to choose in PPC Protect, this platform offers you the following features:

  • Advanced traffic analysis through which you can observe detailed information about the visitors who click on your ads and it also has an easy-to-use control panel.
  • Real-time monitoring without having to resort to third-party blacklists that are outdated and offer you simple analysis.
  • Cybersecurity functions as an engine for detecting fraudulent clicks with the best computer technology.
  • Precise blocking of invalid traffic so you don’t suffer monetary loss from genuine visitors who click on your banner ads. The best part is that it relies on a state-of-the-art detection network.
  • An automated process that allows you to configure the account in a couple of minutes so that you can start detecting and analyzing the clicks that are made on the ads in your PPC campaigns.
  • Transparent reports with excellent logging levels so you can analyze the data and evaluate it when you need it. In addition, you have a data analyst and technical service if required.


Clixtell is a perfect platform for marketers who want to guard their advertising campaigns against ad fraud. It helps you reveal the whole picture thanks to a variety of services including call tracking, analytics, invalid click detection, among others.

This platform has a free trial version for you to check its operation. However, after 14 days you have to pay to access all the features and its price is $ 15 per month.

This tool offers you the following features:

  • Prevent competitors from using fraudulent strategies to block your ad accounts.
  • You will have your budget safe against automatic clicks from farms.
  • Ability to block automated bots and scripts that may interfere with your ad campaigns.
  • 24/7 fraud detection for both Google Ads and Bing Ads campaigns.
  • It has a powerful ad fraud protection program capable of monitoring clicks that do not belong to traditional visitors.
  • Video recorder for websites that allows you to understand the behavior of your traffic with visual information. In this way you have access to user movements, clicks, scrolling, among others.
  • Conversion intelligence that allows you to follow up on potential customers either through phone calls, web forms, among others.
  • Detailed and personalized reports on click fraud to certify those that are not valid and you can get a refund from the big Ads companies.

Click Fraud

Click Fraud is an ad fraud platform that helps you mitigate the risks of invalid clicks to improve your performance in your PPC campaigns. With this tool you can evaluate web traffic movements, comply with current regulations and improve the experience of your potential customers.

This platform offers you a free trial version and for its implementation it is necessary that you pay for the cost of the service which depends on the plan you select for your monthly payment. For example, Standard for $ 50, Business for $ 90, Premium for $ 180 and Agency for a cost that you must inquire directly with the company.

Click Fraud has the following characteristics:

  • Continuous monitoring to detect any advertising fraud that may cause you financial losses in your ads.
  • Fake click detection thanks to an automated and innovative algorithm that helps you protect your business.
  • Blocking fake clicks through IP detection, including them in a blacklist.
  • Simple and accessible use through its intuitive interface that you can easily handle.
  • Automatic geolocation system that allows you to show ads to visitors from different regions with an update function every 24 hours.
  • Custom blocks so that you can choose the way to block undue visitors through multiple options that you can define this campaigns. For example, restriction by IP, time, location, among others.

The best plugins to protect AdSense from invalid traffic are those with innovative technology that allows you to quickly detect fraudulent clicks. In this way, you avoid going through an appeal and prohibition process by the advertising platform caused by the entry of undue visitors. In addition, the use of those allows you to improve the performance of your PPC campaigns and optimize your resources to achieve the desired objectives.

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