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15+ Best Live Sports Streaming Sites Free 2023

The trend towards finding alternative ways of viewing live sports events without subscribing to cable or satellite TV has led to the emergence of free sports streaming websites.

While some sites offer limited free content, others can be accessed and utilized for free. This article will explore the top sports streaming websites currently available for free.

For sports fans, watching sports on TV is the best way to pass the time. Many stadiums need more seats for those who want to watch a game.

Also, local and international fans of many sports should be able to watch live sports on their TVs. People can watch live sports on their phones and other devices in addition to their TVs when they use sports streaming sites.

Sports Streaming sites have made cable TV subscriptions less critical, and sports fans now prefer Streaming sports subscriptions over cable TV subscriptions. Are you really into sports? 

This article is perfect for you because we’ll discuss the best and most popular sports streaming channels and their ratings and features. We’re sure that by the end of this article, you’ll be able to find the best free sports streaming sites.

15 Best Sites For Live Sports Streaming Online Free

Any sports streaming site can offer a wide range of live sports events. Here are just a few of them. Soccer, basketball, football, rugby, cricket, baseball, golf, wrestling, mixed martial arts, and many more are all sports. Finding the best sports streaming sites is challenging because there are so many providers out there who offer many sports channels. Here, we’ll help you find the best places to stream sports.

Here is a list of the 15 best free live sports streaming sites.

1. Crackstreams

Crackstreams stands out from the competition because it has many sports channels that all sports fans enjoy. The Google Chrome browser can be used to download this streaming site. The most exciting thing about sports streaming sites is that they don’t have any annoying ads or banners.

Users can use the service without having to deal with a lot of ads. It shows sports events from around the world and from the area. The site lets you watch sports like American football, WWE, boxing, basketball, and MMA. Links to live streams of sports like basketball will be available a day before the game.

Regarding combat sports like boxing and wrestling, you must watch whatever show they stream. Use or go straight to track to find the official link to the site. This website is free, but its services may sometimes differ. Crack Streams can be watched on iOS, Android, Windows, and Firestick devices.

The site also brings people together and lets them watch sports streams. The website is easy to use and has the information it says it does. So, if you’re looking for legal streams, you need clarification; you can’t complain about too much. Just keep in mind that there are risks to using these sites if you do use them.


  • Users can talk to each other in a chat room just for that purpose.
  • The quality of how the content is shown can be maintained.
  • On the website, sports events are announced from time to time.
  • On the site, you can see live schedules for all sports events.

2. Stream2Watch

One of the most popular sports streaming sites is Stream2Watch, which lets people from the US, UK, Russia, and other countries watch most sports events live and for free.

You can find information about all live sports events and when they will happen on the site. Users can click on any sport and see it for free by clicking on it. Users can find several links per stream and click on any of those links to watch the live match.

Also, remember that since you are watching for free, you have to watch the ads in between. Users who want accessible, high-quality video links can go to Stream2Watch, the best sports streaming service, to learn more about all sports events.


  • The site can be viewed on both PCs and phones.
  • There are over 350 channels, like FOX, ESPN, CNN, etc.
  • Users can choose from sports content from more than 13 countries.
  • The UI is easy to use, which brings in more people.
  • Supports flexible payment modes

3. Fox Sports

Fox Sports is an excellent website where you can watch live sports. You can watch different sports events on your computer or a mobile device. You can add your favorite shows, players, teams, etc.

There is also a full schedule of sports events on the site where you can stream sports. Fox Sports is an excellent place to watch sports online. But the streaming videos could be better. It would be best to have a fast Internet connection to watch live sports on this site. Fox Sports Go is the only way to watch top sports like Big Ten Networks, College Sports Regional Networks, Fox Deportes, and FOX.

The features of the sites that let you watch sports depend on which subscription plan you choose. With the free package, users will only be able to use a small number of features. Sports streaming is better for people who live in an area where they can watch all local sports coverage and live sports events.


  • With the help of a multi-view tool, users can watch more than one game at once without switching back to the sports channels.
  • The app is easy to use because it has a simple grid interface, and all its features are easy to get to.
  • The fact that you can easily switch between devices is another great thing about these streaming sites.
  • The platform can store DVRs in the cloud as part of a paid package.

4. Streameast

Streameast has been around since 2006 and has been one of the best places to watch sports for free online for a long time. The site is available in multiple languages, but the default is usually English. Live TV shows football, boxing, tennis, basketball, and hockey, among other sports. But they cover many topics, so you can find anything you can think of.

The site is immaculate and doesn’t have pop-up ads everywhere. First-timers can figure things out pretty quickly. Live TV is different from other sites that let you watch sports for free because it has excellent features.

It gives each link a score to help figure out which ones are the best. You can also create an account that lets you track your favorite teams and events and get betting odds on the website.

Users have signed up for this site, but they are said to have used anonymous or “burner” emails to keep their privacy. Since it is “unofficial” or “not verified,” most people won’t go there without a VPN.


  • Coverage of many different sports
  • Scores and ratings for the quality of streams
  • The interface is clean and easy to use.
  • Since 2006, the site has been running.

5. ESPN 

ESPN has gotten a lot of attention from its audience because it has all live sports channels that let sports fans watch their favorite sports whenever and wherever they want.

The platform also has replays of all sports events, so people who missed them live can watch them repeatedly. The online sports streaming sites also make their shows that are only about sports, and they give a detailed look at their top competitors who also have sports channels.

You can easily subscribe to the channel because you can manage your subscription right from your web browser.


  • Even free users can download videos that they can watch whenever they want.
  • The platform works well with Amazon devices, as well as with Chromecast and Android TV.
  • The best thing about the platform is that it owns the original content for the customer.
  • The picture-in-picture feature controls the platform’s video content moderately and improves the user experience.

6. Buffstreams 

Buffstreams is another of the best sites to watch sports for free online. If you know anything about free sports streaming, you’ve probably heard of it. The website is made as easy to use and reliable as possible.

For example, the site has quick-action buttons like “coming soon” and “live” that make it easier to find streams. This website has a wide range of sports for you to choose from. You can watch basketball, soccer, football, hockey, baseball, racing, UFC, WWE, boxing, tennis, golf, rugby, darts, and more. All of the streams can be watched for free in standard definition.

You can watch streams in HD, but some links will only work if you create an account. You can also talk to other people watching the game through a chat window. These streams are not hosted by the site, like others. So please be careful.


  • Reliable streaming links
  • The website is easy to use.
  • Streams with the same level of quality
  • The best live sports to stream in HD
  • There are no ads or pop-ups.
  • Get game summaries and highlights.

7. Vidgo

More than 25 sports channels can be watched on the platform, and its video quality is better than anything else on the market. It has more than 110 channels, including news, sports, entertainment, and many others.

The sports sites can be used in several languages, primarily Spanish. Users can watch content whenever they want, but they can’t save it to their devices.

Vidgo is the best choice for families because it has many channels covering various video genres. Vidgo has the best feature for cord-cutters who want to stream videos, and it is still the best way to stream sports.


  • Users can connect up to four devices at once but can’t make more than one streaming profile.
  • The site has a channel guide and makes sure users have a basic experience. The guide helps users find their favourite content.
  • TV Everywhere is Vidgo’s most exciting feature because it lets people watch live TV shows whenever and wherever they want.

8. Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is easy to change to fit Facebook’s new video strategies. All of the big sports events can be streamed on the platform, which has caught a huge audience’s attention.

Facebook Watch doesn’t have a stand-alone app, so you have to use a set-top box to watch videos. Facebook Watch is a service that adds value to Facebook. It’s easy for people using Facebook to sign up for it.

The Facebook watch came out in 2017, and they already have millions of users. They are now a formidable competitor to other top sports IPTV service providers. Facebook, the most popular social media site, has done more to brand and promote Facebook Watch.


  • People mainly make content that can be shared to reach a large audience and improve their brand.
  • Online sports streaming sites are full of ads, but users can watch them for free.
  • The sports streaming service works with many different devices, such as Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, and many others.
  • The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

9. 123TV

123TV is the best sports streaming site for kids because parents have more control over all channels. The platform was launched in 2011 and has gotten a lot of traffic from the US. The platform gets a lot of traffic daily—up to 104K visitors per day—and is rated as the best-streaming sports site.

The platform is easy for people from all over the world to use. All football leagues are available online and all other major leagues, with updates to broadcasts and current news. The sports streaming sites have schedules for live streaming and links to the event’s official broadcast.


  • Watch any sports channel within a few clicks.
  • Stats about all sporting events will be posted on the platform, giving sports fans much information.
  • The best thing about this platform is that it can be used in multiple languages. 
  • Works on multiple devices from mobile devices to an Android TV

10. Pluto TV

Pluto TV has become one of the best and most trustworthy free TV channels. This is why it’s also on our list of the best sites to watch sports for free.

The service owned by Paramount Global, which also owns CBS, decided to create internet TV that works like old-school, over-the-air TV, with regular programming and ads. In the United States, there aren’t many live sports events, but CBS Sports HQ, FOX Sports, the NFL, MLB, and PGA channels all show sports highlights.

If you want to watch live fighting, you can watch leagues like Bellator MMA, FIGHT, Professional Fighters League, Glory Kickboxing, and Impact Wrestling on channels like these.


  • For a free service, its web player is very good.
  • At best, the quality of the video on Pluto TV is great.
  • Great coverage of sports from Latin America.
  • The site is licensed and checked. It works well with a VPN.
  • No pop-ups or changes of page.

11. FootyBite

FootyBite is another of the best sites to watch sports for free. It’s clean and easy to use, and there aren’t many ads. The links work, and some events are even in high definition. The streams on FootyBite start on the website itself without any redirects or pop-ups.

As the name suggests, the primary purpose of the website is to stream football games. But other sports like basketball, hockey, cycling, and baseball are also covered. The FootyNews section is also helpful because it tells you what’s going on in the major football leagues right now.

Overall, it’s a good site for people who want to watch sports for free. But, like many other sites on this list, their streams must be checked to see if they are real.


  • The interface is clean and simple
  • Few pop-ups and ads
  • No interlinks to other malicious websites

12. Red Bull

For adventure sports fans. Red Bull is a well-known brand in sports like surfing, auto racing, snowboarding, and skating. Red Bull TV transmits several of these events for free.

Watch live sports on the website without an account! The site also covers sports, athletes, and events.

Adventure sports fans can learn and remain current with it. Red Bull TV is available on almost any device, including Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, and Oculus headsets. This is one of the most distinctive free sports streaming services.


  • Unique adventure sports site
  • Free streaming without sign ups
  • No geo-restrictions

13. CricHD 

CricHD is another site that streams sports in real-time. The main focus is on cricket, but there are links to motorsports, rugby, hockey, tennis, and boxing.

The website is made so that its functionality comes first. It doesn’t take long to find the event you want to see and get a stream that works.

CricHD has both links inside the site and links to other sites. Internal links, which lead to pages on the same website, work well.

You might see a few ads, but that’s pretty much it. Links to other sites could be more reliable. Some of these don’t even lead to real streams. So, you should be careful when picking links on CricHD.


  • Includes a wide range of sports
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Internal links work very well
  • Live talk

14. SportSurge

SportSurge is a website that can be viewed on any phone that has a web browser. Users can watch all of the most-watched sports events live on any device that can connect to the internet.

Content on the sites is free of ads so that users can watch videos without interruptions. The free sports streaming can be watched on PCs, smartphones, tablets, FireTV, Roku, and a lot of other Android-enabled devices.

The site will have a full schedule of all sports, which will help people choose their favourite sports to watch online.


  • There is no need to sign up or register because the platform is free to use.
  • The site is easy to use, and the interface makes it easier to get around.
  • The platform has links to HD videos that can be streamed, which will make the user experience better.
  • Streaming sports works great with a VPN, and no logs are kept.

15. Fite

The final entry on our list of best free sports streaming sites is Fite. It is a great place to find sports events whenever you want. Users can also watch events that cost money.

The platform came out in 2016 and has already caught the attention of the people it is meant for. So far, the sites have streamed more than 3,500 events, and more than 2.5 million people have signed up for them.

Subscribers can connect any sporting event to their TV using the Fite app. All sports channels, like soccer, motorsports, basketball, and all other international competitions, can be watched on online sports streaming sites.

Fite has customer service that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and users can use all of the features and enjoy all live video streaming services at affordable prices.


  • It mostly shows fight previews for all boxing tournaments so fans can get the most out of the match.
  • Users who pay for services help pay for content that doesn’t have ads.
  • Users can cancel their plan at any time without paying a fee.
  • No plan costs more than $10 per month, so all of them are affordable.


What is streaming in real-time?

A live stream of an event is what Livestream means. On different platforms, you can watch live sports streams, sometimes for free. Some sites charge a small fee each month for premium live-streaming content.

Is it illegal to stream sports online?

It is legal to watch sports online as long as the sites don’t show pirated content. But watching sports programs is against the law if the stream is copy-protected. If you watch or download copyrighted content, you might get an email saying you broke the law.

What happens if you get caught watching content online that you didn’t pay for?

If you are caught watching illegal streaming videos, you will have to pay a fine of $750 or more. Using a VPN doesn’t always keep you safe. When asked, most VPNs have to give law enforcement agencies the IP addresses of their customers. So, you must ensure that the site where you can watch live sports is real.

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