7 Tips To Maximize ROI On Your Content Marketing

How much traffic do you generate from the content you wrote almost a year back?

Have you ever tried to answer this question? If not let us start now. Check your existing content and find out the traffic that your content has received in the last year.

Can your content benefit more people in the future than the number of readers it is benefitting today? More visits from existing content mean a higher Return on Investment on your content marketing.

So if you are looking to generate more traffic, you can do it via promoting existing content and that will require significantly fewer efforts than creating new titles.

Imagine if you have 50 blogs on your website and if each blog generates 10% more traffic than your overall blog traffic can be increased by more than 500%. Isn’t it awesome to find out the tools and techniques that can maximize ROI on your content?

I am going to give you six specific tips that will increase ROI on your content:

#1. Create 30 different snippets 

You can create various snippets of your blog and share it on social media. The snippets can also be used as relevant comments on popular sites. So one blog post can work as 30 sub-articles or ideas available to be promoted on social media. Imagine how much time you need to create 30 articles.

This is how you can make various snippets:

  1. Variation in title
  2. Taking quote from the article
  3. Using statistics and insights
  4. Extracting complete sentences or statements
  5. Posing questions
  6. Comparing and contrasting

You can use these snippets to promote your blog on social media for several days or months. You can also take best performing snippets and use them further to promote the same article on social media and on comments.

#2. Use Buffer

Yes. I am a big fan of buffer. I find it best among its peer social automation tools. You can use Buffer to automate the promotion of various snippets you have created. You can use Buffer analytics to check which site is responding to what type of snippets.

Over a period of time, you will find a great correlation of what works on which social media platform. The use of buffer will also save you plenty of time that you can use for your business or create new content.

#3. Take advantage of the content sharing sites

you can amplify your content marketing by taking advantage of huge traffic of other sites. All of us know these sites, but very few marketers develop a strategy to milk the opportunity.

Take an example of SlideShare.com. The site has 70 million monthly visitors and present an extraordinary opportunity for knowledge marketers. Other sites like Quora.com, Buzzfeed.com, BusinessInsider.com, Forbes.com, and IMDB can boost your traffic significantly.

While some of these sites allow you to become a contributor and link back your content, on others you can post a comment and engage in discussion with influencers. This generates a long term backlink and consistent traffic over a long period of time.

#4. Update your content

You may be creating two types of content. First, the content that is relevant for years to come and second, the content which becomes outdated over a period of time. If you create the first type of content then it is fine to promote it as it is for the next few months or years.

The major issue with the second type of content is that it doesn’t help your business as it becomes irrelevant after a while.

You can overcome this limitation by constantly updating your content. It requires minimal efforts as compared to writing a new blog, however, it works as good as a new blog. Google loves old content that is updated regularly. So you tend to get SEO benefits as well.

#5. Never Stop Promotion – Never

That is the secret of a hugely successful blog. Never ever stop the promotion of old content, come what may! Your Return on Investment is directly proportional to content promotion. It is a common myth that promoting old content doesn’t deliver good results.

You can promote old content effectively by using different snippets and it will deliver as good results a new content. All top marketers spend a lot more time promoting their content than creating it. So never stop the promotion of old content.

To begin with, you can schedule and post the content on various social media platforms, forums and other content aggregating sites once in a while. You can also use Google Alerts to get an alert on the topics you have written about. Here you can step in and suggest your content.

This will not only add value to users but also help your content reach the most relevant audience.

#6. Optimize your sales funnel

Have you figured it out how you are going to make money from your content? If not then how would you generate ROI out of it? It is absolutely necessary that you make call to action prominently visible and have an appropriate sales funnel in place to maximize the conversion.

#7. Last but not the least measure your ROI

Do you know how to calculate ROI  on content marketing? If not then you must first develop an understanding of the same. Then measure the ROI for every content that you generate.  

If you can’t measure ROI, then you can apply various techniques to improve conversion and measure which technique is most effective in your case.


Top marketers consistently refine and improve their content marketing strategy to find incremental improvement. You can also refine your marketing strategies in the above mentioned ways to see what is best for your niche.  Over a period of time you will see a consistent growth in visitors, inbound leads and revenue.

Finally, I would like to hear from you. What is the ROI you have generated from your content marketing strategy? Also in comments, let me know if you have a better strategy to maximize ROI.

Hello, I am a proactive and dependable professional web designer, blogger, and wordpress developer with 2+ years of experience.

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