4 Things To Keep In Mind Developing A Digital Marketing Strategy

In digital marketing, the strategy decides the fate of a campaign. Very few marketers get desired results from their first digital campaign. It requires a learning curve and a lot of iterations to create a perfect campaign.

The right strategy can shorten the learning curve and help you accomplish your business goals more efficiently.

However, a faulty plan can also ruin the entire marketing drive. For instance, many websites don’t generate leads for months despite witnessing 100+ visitors a day.

Therefore, it is essential to put maximum efforts in preparing a digital marketing strategy and pay apt attention to every detail of it.

A unique approach is imperative for every digital marketing campaign. However, you can devise an excellent strategy for any campaign if you take care of the following points: 

#1. No Plan Is Perfect

You may have a brilliant idea, but don’t be too rigid about it. Keep enough room for weekly reviews and changes in the strategy on a weekly or monthly basis. However, never make random changes just because you think it will work better.

Moreover, you must include at least one innovative activity as part of the marketing campaign that is designed to give more to your users in return for nothing. Remember that most of the awesome things we do on the internet are free.

The innovative activities must change as the campaign progresses. Never stop experimenting with your marketing campaign.

#2. Key Performance Metrics And Budget

You must fix a budget for each marketing campaign. The major components of the budget include the cost of paid advertising, the salaries of professionals involved in the process, purchase of stock images or other software tools, and fees paid to contractors.

Further, to measure Return on Investments (ROI), you need to define certain metrics that measure the performance. Standard parameters are unique visitors, Page views, Newsletter Subscriptions, Enquiries, Social Engagement, Sales, etc.

You should define 3-5 parameters to assess the campaign performance and to measure the ROI. Any change in the campaign must be based on a fair assessment of these parameters.

#3. Media Mix Strategy

Every marketing channel has its unique use. Plan to fully utilize the strength of each channel. Don’t do the same thing everywhere. You must have a customized strategy for each channel that you intend to use.

For example, if you operate in the B2B segment, your focus should be more on LinkedIn, Adwords, and Email Marketing Campaign. Adwords and LinkedIn can be used to generate qualified traffic whereas the email marketing can be used to convert visitors into leads and qualified customers.

You can also use Email Marketing to cross-sell and upsell to existing buyers.

#4. Automation

Use of automation tools must be a critical part of your digital strategy. Many marketing activities can be executed more efficiently with the help of automation tools.

You also need to ensure that some activities must be done manually. Use of automation tools in SEO backlink building can be detrimental to the brand in the long term.

There are numerous tools available to aid you in content development. You must use the tools judiciously to improve the effectiveness of the campaign without excluding the human touch.


A strategy should be a simple document that can be understood by everyone in your marketing department. It shouldn’t have more than 2-3 pages and must outline the assumptions that have been made to develop the plan.

One common mistake marketers make to develop their strategy is that it is made by keeping in mind the desktop users. You should develop your digital strategy for mobile users first and then align the experience of desktop users. The attempt should be made to provide a seamless experience to users across platforms.

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