30 Best Sites to Watch Free TV Series Online in August 2020

Knowing where to watch TV series online safely can give you many hours of fun, without paying money and without putting your computer at risk.

Currently, series are one of the favorite entertainment alternatives of the new generations. There’s nothing more relaxing than taking an afternoon off, snuggling into bed with your favorite treats, and watching a marathon from one of your favorite series.

If you don’t have Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, or another paid series platform, but you still want to enjoy watching series of the best quality, this article will save your life.

The 30 best websites to watch TV series online

Before getting into the subject, you need to know how these pages work so that you can use them correctly. This clarification is valid because those who are new to the subject, believe that these pages are full of viruses and are afraid of exposing their computer.

You need to know that many of the pages that promise free series are potential threats. However, in our selection of web pages to watch series we have verified that they work and that they do not endanger your computer.

How to watch online series from your computer at no cost

To see the series on these pages you must bear in mind the following:

  1. Enter the website to see selected series.
  2. Find the series of your preference.
  3. Choose the chapter you are going to see and the language.
  4. Click on load, a pop-up window will appear, close the pop-up window and click “Play” again. (Normally these pop-ups will appear up to 3 or 4 times, all you have to do is close all the windows that appear)
  5. When the series begins you give it “Pause”, let it load for 5 minutes and then you can enjoy the entire chapter without interruptions.

The pop-up windows that appear are advertising. This is what gives the pages some income, considering that they are free options.

Yes now! What we came to! These are our website recommendations to watch the best television series.

30 Pages to watch free series online

1. Serieszone.com

Serieszone is one of those pages that will stay among your favorites. A diverse website with series of all kinds, from classic television shows to premiere series. You will definitely love it.

2. Seriesbang.info

Series Bang is one of the most popular web pages to watch series. One of their pluses is that they almost always publish the premiere series very quickly and effectively in different languages.

3. Seriespapaya.com

In SeriesPapaya, Internet users have the option of finding different types of series with videos in excellent resolution. The viewing options are in Latin, Spanish and subtitled.

4. Gnula.se

Gnula is a great alternative to watch series online for free. It’s also excellent because it also has a specialized portal for watching movies. Enter the page find your favorite and let the fun begin!

5. Series24.to

The Series24 website specializes in series of all categories. Here you can see the premieres of different television networks and also the seasons of those classic series that stole our hearts.

6. SeriesPepito.biz

One of the best websites to watch series online is undoubtedly SeriesPepito. This site has an extensive catalog of series in which you can literally spend hours choosing and watching your favorite series.

7. Say it.

Dilo.nu is what was previously known as Seriesflv, an excellent alternative for all those who want to enjoy various entertainment series without paying absolutely anything.

8. Seriesyonkis.com

If you are addicted to series, Seriesyonkis will become your inseparable ally. Here you can find many standard options, with excellent load times and a variety of servers for you to have a great afternoon.

9. Seriesdanko.com

In Seriesdanko.com you can find a catalog made up of the most successful series of all time. Now money will no longer be an excuse because here you can enjoy the best series.

10. Seriesw.net

Seriesw.net is the perfect place for all those who want to have a good leisure time hooked on a series. Here you will find from the most popular series to those hidden gems that nobody talks about but that surprise for their quality.

11. Todoseries.com

Todoseries is the space for series lovers. Here you will not only find the chapters of those series that have stolen your heart, but also a space to interact with other lovers of the series in different ways.

12. Cine-tube.com

If it is about websites to watch series online, Cine-Tube stands out a lot, thanks to its variety of categories and series in which you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for. On this website you also have the option of watching movies for free and you can also write to request that movie you have been looking for for centuries.

13. HDFull.me

If you dare to enter HDFull you will not be disappointed. Here you can find the series organized by multiple categories for all tastes. You can also watch movies of all time and news about the world of series. You can subscribe to the community so that you are aware of the new releases.

14. Popcorntime-online.ch

Entering Popcorntime is great thanks to the incredible design of its page where you can see many options of series and movies that you can see instantly and in the best quality. Also if you are one of those who values ​​the opinion of other users you can see the recommendations of other users and give your rating to each chapter you see.

15. Miradetodo.co

In Miradetodo, as its name implies, you can find series, films and documentaries at no cost. The page has a fairly wide catalog in which you can find entertainment for a while. Here you can enjoy the series and movies that you like so much, or if you are looking to surprise yourself with something new, the page has a random search engine option to present you with options that will surprise you.

16. PelisPlay.tv

PelisPlay is one of those pages that fall in love yes or yes. It has an incredible design and a super user-friendly format. Also if it is about free movies and series, the page offers a wide variety of categories for both movies and series and the best thing is that they have very fast and efficient servers.

17. seriesblanco

Seriesblanco is one of the best websites to watch free series that can exist. The reason is simple, the page is not so well known and this makes it work with an unbeatable speed. Here you can see the chapters of the series that you like the most in different language and playback options, so you can find the one that best suits what you are waiting for.

18. InkaSeries.net

InkaSeries is that place that every series lover has to visit at some point in their life. Although its name may not be very well known to you, do not be fooled, sometimes the new can leave you with your mouth open. The surprise is that the web hosts the episodes of the best series in history in fabulous resolution.

19. Wikiseriesonline.nu

In Wikiseriesonline you have the possibility of accessing many options for series of all categories in which it is almost certain that you will find that series you are looking for. This page is great because the different servers load in record time and the best thing is that you can choose the language of your preference.

20. Compuseriestotal

From this moment Compuseriestotal will become an extension of your home. You will want to be there all the time because it offers you the best series so that you can spend your leisure time in the best way. On this website to watch series you will find different alternatives for the whole family, so as you can imagine, you will always have something new to watch.

21. Seriales.us

Serials is one of those websites that quickly positioned itself thanks to the speed of its players and the variety of series and movies you can find on them. This page already has a long history and is one of the favorites of the Spanish-speaking public. If you do not know this website and you love the series, you do not know what you are missing.

22. Moviewatcher.is

Moviewatcher is an alternative to watch series and movies online without registration and without having to pay. Its catalog is made up of the best of the seventh art accompanied by the most successful series on television and the digital age. With this page to watch series, you are one step away from starting to enjoy the best audiovisual content in the best resolution.

23. Dospelis.net

At Dospelis you have at your disposal a wide range of possibilities in terms of movies and series. In the portal there is a section dedicated to premieres, another to films, one for series, another option to place your orders and a tutorial on how to watch the films within the platform. It is a very organized and user-friendly portal, so it is very easy to find what you are looking for.

24. Repeliss.tv

With Repeliss it happens as with many other portals that although apparently they only offer movies, the reality is that although that is the highlight, within their servers they host a good offer of series to watch TV at no cost . Although the web does not have specific sessions, you can use the search engine to find the series of your preference.

25. Snagfilms.com

Snagfilsms has become one of the most popular sites to watch television series of all time, with the added value that on its servers you can also find a great offer of successful movies of all time to enjoy what you love the most. like it in a resolution that is not bad at all.

26. Moviesfoundonline

Moviesfoundonline is one of those gems that we should all have stored on our computer. The series and movies that you can find on this portal, range from the highest-grossing pieces in history, to the most impressive releases of recent seasons.

27. Yidio

Yidio is a revolutionary option for lovers of series and television shows. Navigating this website is super simple and you can find premieres of the best series and all the chapters of those television shows that have marked our lives.

28. SeriesCube.pw

SeriesCube is one of the most recommended websites to watch free online series, thanks to the amount of great series they have hosted within their platform and the multiple display options in terms of languages ​​and resolution. No matter if you are looking for suspense series, comedy series or drama series, here you have plenty to choose from to please your inner series lover.

29. Pepecine.info

It will be very difficult for you to want to leave Pepecine, and with good reason! Here you can access hundreds of movies and series without registration that will fill your days with hours of fun. The page is super easy to use and has a lot to choose from. For the record, we warn you that it is usually very addictive.

30. Megadede.com

Megadede, Plusdede and Pordede are part of one of the most successful communities to watch series and movies. Unlike the other options in this article, the only additional step you need to access the Megadede catalog is to make a registration that will not take you more than 30 seconds, with the commitment that then you will enjoy the best series and movies online.

As you can see, now you have no excuse not to have a super fun time alone or with the people you love. In any of these web page options to watch series, you will find all the chapters of all the series that you love, and the best thing is that you will not have to pay a single penny.

Finally, we remind you that to access any of the pages to watch free series, all you have to do is type the address in the browser and it will take you to the desired website. Now all you have to do is start your series marathon. Enjoy it!

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