10 SEO tips and strategies to improve your web positioning

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or organic positioning in search engines is a totally essential strategy so that today’s companies can obtain the first positions in Google searches. 

This guarantees that your company is seen by your potential clients, have a greater number of visits to your website and convert those visits into clients. It will also ensure your reputation on the web. 

Currently the complexity of these tools requires a specialist with knowledge of the tools necessary to achieve the desired objectives. 

However, in this article we are going to provide you with tips and strategies that you should consider to improve your positioning on the web :

Customize your page titles

Your post title or business name will be the first thing your readers will see, so it should be eye-catching . Use an H1 , an HTML tag , to give your headline importance. 

This main title should only be repeated once and should match the content of the article. In addition, it is one of the main factors that the Google algorithm takes into account to position a page based on the use of the keywords used.

Write quality content

The content you contribute to your site  web is paramount, as is the secret to improve the positioning of your page . 

You must always have the best content for your blog, which offers and shows the best of your business; sort content from most important to least important. 

A tip about this strategy is that you accompany your publications with images and links that go according to the main theme.

Use keywords

The keywords allow search engines to understand what is the content of your website. Put yourself in the shoes of your Internet users and identify with which words the highest searches are made according to the category in which your business is located. 

These words, strategically chosen, not only have to be present throughout the entire article, but they must also be present on the labels . 

For example, if my article is about digital marketing , the elements of this main word must be reflected in the content. In other words, you must respect your terms.

Optimize your URLs

Almost always the URLs , of the pages or of the contents that you upload to the webs, are created automatically, but it is recommended that you always customize them to have better results. 

The URLs should include the main keyword , avoid using accents, punctuation marks or eñes. There are several dynamic pages that offer you the option to customize your URLs and thus obtain a more efficient search .

Presence in Social Media

Having a presence in social networks gives more weight and importance to your brand. All the actions you carry out on your profiles, whether on your website or in your company accounts on Facebook , Instagram or Twitter are recognized by Google and reflect to the search engine that your website is in constant motion. Twitter , for its part, is a network of publications at the moment in real time and the positioning search engines are aware of it; therefore, constantly publishing on this network helps your page have more importance.

Use external links

The external links or backlink used by a mention. This strategy consists in that through other pages you get yours to be more popular. 

By making a mention you give more importance to the web because basically they serve as a backup. For example, you have two pages and you want the main one to stand out; you make a mention within your article so that through it, the main one has greater weight.

Web optimization

This strategy consists of compressing images and source codes so that your page loads in the shortest possible time. If the images you use are heavy, the load will be slower.

 The HTML and CSS source code of your website can also be compressed to optimize access speed. Google Insights has tools like PageSpeed ​​Tools that provide us with tools that measure the optimization of your page, specifying the content or image that must be compressed.

Ensure the usability of your website

The usability of your web page is important for its development because you need to design a page that does not confuse Internet users. The faster they get to the information they are looking for, the more they will stay inside and this will give your website more visibility and weight. User experience (UX) avoids bounce; that is to say, that people leave your website. 

There are tools that help you measure usability by monitoring people’s experience and being able to identify exactly what they see when they browse your website. 

Google Analytics is a tool that measures usability and checks if the changes you have made are working or not. Sometimes, depending on the area, it is advisable to create landings (pages of specific topics) that redirect Internet users to the content they are looking for.

Constant posts

Uploading continuous content to your website makes Google robots monitor your page. The more constant you publish, the greater the number of times Google visits your page and therefore has more weight . 

The more links and content you have, the more visits you will have, they will position you faster and you will be able to climb the positions of the results according to your terms or keywords.

 A continuous movement either in keywords or the change of the design of your website will make you more visible. Conversely, a static page will not improve your ranking.

Analyze your results

The analysis of the performance of your website is essential to measure the result of your content. Pages like WebMaster Tools and Google Analytics measure the performance , changes or improvements on the page and the results in their scope . 

It helps you identify the number of visitors you have had, the bounce rate, where on the page the most interactions are generated, and especially what content is of greatest interest to be able to work on improvements based on it.

With these SEO strategy tips, you can achieve better web positioning and have a detailed measurement of the results of your content on the Internet. 

It is always recommended that if we have the economic means, we hire an SEO professional who handles the aforementioned tools to guide the project. This will ensure the correct promotion of our page in the search engines and will reduce the investment costs that we could be raising.

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